1. Harry P

    How to check if FTP port 21 is blocked or not?

    Hey everyone, Can you tell me how to check if FTP port 21 is blocked or not? on a new hosting, I am not enable to connect to FTP, I am doubting that FTP port 21 is blocked on my server, i would like to check this port.
  2. Maxoq

    How to create FTP account that only access some files in a folder?

    I have a folder with more files in it and I want to shave a person to access this folder via FTP program. How can I create FTP account that only allow that person access some specific files in that folder?
  3. rdpproviders

    FTP creating problem

    My Ftp on server is not working properly:diablo: Actually its working fine and once its starting showing problem like not connect to server. please help me what i have to check to amend only. Thanks in advance
  4. BillEssley

    Difference between FTP and SFTP?

    For years, FTP (File Transfer Protocol) for basic file transfer has been a standard and still exist till today for the most use. But there is a problem, FTP servers have no security when connecting to, or files are encrypted or authentication, so we could jeopardize our privacy but we are...
  5. Harry P

    WebDav vs NFS vs FTP - Which is Best Choice for File Access?

    What are the pros and cons of each one (WebDav, NFS, FTP)? From my own experience, WebDAV is much slower than NFS, while FTP has limited integration with Windows. What is your recommendation? What are you using in your home environment to share files?
  6. HostXNow

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  7. hostingcoupons

    SFTP vs FTPS vs FTP - What is the best protocol for secure FTP?

    I am connecting to my hosting using FileXilla and it is using the default protocol is SFTP, however I'm stuck at what protocol to use for any FTP solutions. I tried to Google but it could not make up my mind. I want to know your advice what is the best protocol for secure FTP? SFTP or FTPS or FTP?
  8. Alex_smith

    Best FTP Clients for Windows?

    I would like to know what are best FTP clients for Windows? I've used cuteFTP in the past, but there seem to be basic program to transfer files between my Windows and my hosting. Are there other professional clients which you would suggest?
  9. HostXNow

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  10. bknights

    What is the best FTP Client?

    A FTP program is a software can allow you to upload files from your PC to your web hosting. The main advantage with a FTP is you don't need to login into web hosting control panel to use their upload file function, instead you can drop & drag files to your hosting server via FTP program...
  11. MooseLucifer

    How to fix error when installing Wordpress plugin asks for FTP details

    If you have a issue when installing a new Wordpress plugin in your website's plugin manager but it always asked details for the FTP account (image 1), you can fix this by using a simple way as following: Required FTP login when installing new WordPress Plugin (image 1) You open the file...
  12. rainmaker11

    Connecting to your web hosting via FTP with Notepad++ or Emeditor?

    I have been using Dreamweaver for years and like its way in FTP connection but since I changed to use Notepad++ and Emeditor then they are more convenient and allows me to edit files quickly but the problem is I have not seen the FTP feature built in these programs. Do Notepad++ or Emeditor...
  13. Rodney Olson

    How to Upload Files to an Ftp Server

    I would like to know how how to upload files to an Ftp server, I want to upload my first wordpress blog site to a new web host that I will buy soon? Thanks in advance! Rodney
  14. Jovani

    WordPress asking for FTP details when I Install/Upgrade Plugins

    Hello, When I installed a new plugin then Wordpress redirected to a page and show the message How to solve this problem? please suggest me ways thanks in advanced