1. Gabriellovee

    Those working with freelancing, what type of work would earn me the most?

    Am a writer, I really would love to start writing on freelancing. I have programming skills, I can also design graphics. I would love to know which of these can earn me more money on freelancing. Your advice will be very helpful.
  2. Hugo E.

    How can I make money freelancing?

    Hey Guys, I have experience affiliate marketing, web design and development and want to make money using my skills. Where do I start? anyone here is working as a freelancer, share me any tips?
  3. MidnightAngel

    Being hired for a project freelancing

    Okay, here's a good one: I was hired by someone on freelancer to work on their project, but I never bid on it. The person said he went through my profile, and thought I would be a good fit for what he was looking for. I have to deny or accept the position, and it seems legit, and something I...
  4. Walter Parrish

    How to protect yourself when freelancing

    Hi everyone, I'm sure more members here doing outsource, what are your experience when you are freelancing outside protected networks like elance or fiverr, how to you protect your work? Will you request to get paid before you deliver the final product? The last revision of your work may be...
  5. Maxoq

    Earn money by freelancing?

    Hi everyone, I would like to start freelancing to earn side income. I know a little about graphic design, SEO and wordpress. What do I need to start a successful career in freelancing? If you have any experience with freelancer sites or jobs, pleas give your advice.
  6. johnyplex

    3 Tips to Help You Succeed in Freelancing Career

    Do you want to be a freelancer and make a good income, and may even live with that? There are some tips for those planning to go this way: 1 - Focus on one type of service Many freelancers try to do a bit of everything, but in the end end up doing all the services of dubious quality. The...
  7. Marc0

    Can we categorize freelancing as Online business option?

    Hi Can we look upon freelancing as an online business option? It is a very simple, yet odd question, but I have been long looking to find out answer to this.
  8. O

    Freelance Writers: Do you often ask for upfront payments?

    I've been a freelance writer for more than a year and I could say that I've already had my ups and downs in the field. What makes me curious is the fact that a lot of writers are willing to work for a client without asking for upfront payment. I, for one, do that and it's full of risks. That's...