1. satopeng4

    Is there any Graphics designing tool that can be use to render Sea Floor Maps in 3D and 2D?

    We are planning to develop a software that will provide graphical representation of the seabed when given the appropriate charts and data collected. The problem is that we don't know what tools is suitable for rendering graphical map representations for sea floor maps. The goal is to produce a...
  2. raffido08

    Can you give me tips on how to become artistic in designing?

    Hello to all professional graphic designers out there. I really want you to share some tips on how to become more artistic in your works and also how to become a professional like you? I know how to use Photoshop (Lol) for serveral years but little knowledge in Illustrator. When it comes in...
  3. pamelabiscocho

    How to learn Web Designing?

    My knowledge is basics here at the internet and I believe that posting the products and services I have here will earn more if I post it here or do a website because as for me, it add points to your business if you have a website. I have an interest on learning how to do Web Designing. How will...
  4. shiyuchen

    Designing banner?

    I would always love to add pictures as a background, but it always makes the word hard to read. Do you guys have any template for backgrounds that are usually simple yet attractive?
  5. Emily Routledge

    How do I get started on learning web designing?

    I have learned a bit more HTML and basic CSS. So what do I learn next and how to I go about it. To finally be able to develop my own website. Should I focus more on learning codes like HTML, CSS and Javascript or will I directly be able to build a website using WordPress?
  6. Emilio

    What is needed for Responsive Website Designing?

    I have experience in webdesign and development and learning responsive design, I am thinking these needs for a web developers to design a website in responsive. 1.HTML5 2.Twitter Bootstrap3. 3.CSS3. 4.CMS-WordPress Theme Development. 5.E-mail Template. 6.PSD to HTML/CSS Conversion...
  7. raj kumar

    Web designing company reviews

    I m looking for websites that offer review services with full software support to market and collect reviews from global market. My strategy in doing so is to build a platform and optimize this for my interest and public benefit. This is a initiative I m taking my optimizing such webpages...
  8. dreck

    Designing Facebook Ad Images

    Hi there, I don't know more on how to use Photoshop, so what software alternatives are there for designing my Facebook ad images? I've had a look at some other graphic tools but I'm not familiar to them. Any other suggestions to help me design facebook ad images that can make everyone...
  9. raj kumar

    New defination of web designing

    Today, days of so called creative web designs seems to be over. Business owners have to understand and differentiate between quality website and good looking low quality websites. for details read these points
  10. Marc0

    Things to consider when designing a website?

    I'm going to build a new website about wordpress tips. I'd like to hear some experiences from web designers here how to and things to consider when designing a website? What should I follow ?
  11. Marc0

    7 Notes When Designing An Email Marketing Template

    Designing an email template is very important in email marketing campaign, it can success or fail depend on your email template and content. Just following some basic tips below to sure you are going right direction. 1. Size Standard width is 600px for an Email template 2. Do not use...
  12. A

    Best Logo designing Tool

    Hello, I want to design my website logo. Please give me suggestions for most suitable logo designing tool for free. Thanks in advanced!
  13. arronmattwills

    how to say clear to float left and float right in website designing?

    Clear is the most useful css property in web design field. It will be used in float conditions. If you say one div has to move to left side and we have a sidebar on right side that sidebar has to move to right side with some width then the next design part should be cleared. After saying...
  14. R

    Which method is easy for designing a good website?

    Which method is easy for designing a good website? HTML or wordpress which one is easy for web designing ? plz share your advice
  15. arronmattwills

    Website designing is not a single a task....

    Friends, as you know that website design is a one day work. 1. web template design 2. logo design 3. html coding after these things also there will be many bugs raises. Clients may irritates us by saying changes... god... Only thing is web designers should have great patience.
  16. arronmattwills

    How to format the body tag in CSS while designing a website?

    We have to format or initialize all the values before writing a css code to design a website. the following things are we need to do: Margin should be zero. padding should be zero. font size should be twelve pixels. and font family should be a regular font like arial. These things...
  17. K

    Reviving Your Creativity for Graphic Designing

    Web development organizations recruit graphic designers for their expertise in making custom graphic designs for the website of their clients. It is the skills and talents of the graphic designers that the website of their clients' are created. When you are searching to rekindle your creativity...
  18. BleepingDesign

    Please review my Logo and Graphic Designing Website

    Hello Webmasters, Website: Bleeping Design: We have changed our website design. I would like to get your views on the navigation, looks, color combination and other details. Also let me know if you would like see some extra features. Your input is always...
  19. Sunil Shrestha

    Webpage designing for my own school

    Hey i want design my webpage for my own school . My dream is to do something for my school so i have choosen a right way to create unique webpage for my school. I am going to design my school webpage.
  20. S

    WTS SEO and Web Designing services in uk by Maple Digital Media

    seoguy submitted a new resource: SEO and Web Designing services in uk by Maple Digital Media - SEO and Web Designing services in uk by Maple Digital Media Read more about this resource...