1. Dopani

    Find and Replace text in all tables in a database using Mysql query?

    I have a custom database and there is a word http:// that I want to change to https:// with a query in phpmyadmin or using CLI. What update command can I use to find and replace this text in all tables of my current database?
  2. Gmeister4

    Is it possible to export a Mysql database via SSH?

    How can I export a Mysql database via SSH? I have too many my website databases and it consumed me more time when exporting databases from Phpmyadmin. I would like to know a way to export faster and download databases to my PC . Thanks in advance.
  3. LPTechs

    Error Establishing a Database Connection

    There will come a time in every website that uses a database life where you will see the error "Error Establish a Database Connection" Don't worry, this is more common than you think. All this means is (and I am sure you can guess by the error) that someone broke the connection from a...
  4. nitaish

    domain whois database

    I have come across lots of companies who are selling whois databases of all the active domains of most of the TLDs and ccTLDs. I was wondering from where do they get the data. I know all the registries provide zone file access to registrars. However, these companies are not even registrars...
  5. GPDHost

    US Based Data Center | Unlimited MYSQL Database | Multiple PHP Version | Built-In Cloudflare

    GPDHost submitted a new resource: US Based Data Center | Unlimited MYSQL Database | Multiple PHP Version | Built-In Cloudflare - US Based Data Center | Unlimited MYSQL Database | Multiple PHP Version | Built-In Cloudflare Read more about this resource...
  6. djsmiley2k

    Can I connect to database on another server for my Wordpress blog?

    Hi there, I am wondering if I can host my Wordpress database (MySQL) in another server which is not the server storing the content (source code, Wodpress files, plugins, themes...etc) Will that make any performance and security improvement? Is there any service specialized in hosting only...
  7. Kaz Wolfe

    Does cPanel backup include database?

    I want to use backup feature in cPanel but I don't know there is an option to backup that includes MySQL databases with files?
  8. AlmightyGreg

    How to rename database tables in phpMyAdmin

    How can I change table names in phpMyAdmin? I can not see this option in phpMyAdmin. Does anyone guide me?
  9. Moebuntu

    CentOS Web Panel: Could not select database root_cwp

    I have just installed CentOS Web Panel on my new VPS but after running myIP_address:2030 it alerted me this Could not select database root_cwp How can I fix this problem?
  10. Hugo E.

    How do I make a MySQL database run completely in memory?

    I have noticed that my MySQL server is the top reason for high load on my VPS. I want to make a database running with CPUs and instead that to run completely in memory for better performance. How do I do that? I explored PHPMyAdmin, is there a way to change there or what addons or software do I...
  11. Steve32

    Is it possible to backup Mysql database without using cPanel or Phpmyadmin?

    As title mentioned, I would like to know it is possible to backup Mysql database without using cPanel or Phpmyadmin? there are other ways to backup databases on your hosting without using those tools?
  12. Nytshade

    MySQL database Question

    Hey guys, hope I'm posting this in the right section. I bought a script and now there's a new update which involves going to the phpMyadmin to make some changes. Now every time I try to run a query in the SQL tab, I get this error: Error SQL query: ALTER TABLE `users` ADD `ip` VARCHAR( 45 )...
  13. vaneetagoswami

    Delete the selected checkbox row from database

    Hey I write this code for delete the selected check box values from the database. Yeah I know there are some example already here. But when I take look on them and tried to do as per they done in their question. still doesn't get the success. Can you guys help me with this query. When I click on...
  14. Liliana

    WordPress Database Schema?

    Do you know about WordPress Database Schema? Please give me overview about structure of wordpress database, I can control better my data with wordpress :rolleyes: Thanks
  15. fromrachel

    How to use Bigdump to restore large database?

    I am getting problem on my large database, I couldn't import it into my phpmyadmin as normally because it's too big. I heard about using bigdump to restore large database, it's possible to do that and how? please suggest me tips? thanks in advanced! :)
  16. Matt

    Affiliate Program Database Listing Rules

    This is forum for all members who want to list their Affiliate Program. Please list: Business Name Product Name Product Description Product Price Affiliate Commission Percentage URL For Affiliate To Sign Up Please keep your listing to those items only. One listing per member. If...
  17. Marc0

    Setting MySQL in CPanel

    Hi guys, Since mysql is undeniably the most popular open-source database tool, then it is practical for those who are like me who are starting to explore on the world of database. Since it is popular, I assume I would easily get a lot of help. Hopefully this will be a good start. My...
  18. Marc0

    How can we create a database using PHP and MySQL?

    Hi All I am :confused: How can we create a database using PHP and MySQL? Only expert ... Thanks
  19. SEO

    what is Database marketing?

    Hi there, what is Database marketing? Any helps ?