credit card

  1. Maxoq

    How to allow to pay directly with credit card?

    Normally my client pay me via Paypal but they request to pay directly with their credit card but I don't have this payment method. My question is, how to allow my client to pay direct with their credit or debit card? Many thanks!
  2. MilesWeb

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  4. argel241

    Which is Safer: PayPal or Credit Card?

    When it comes to paying online, I am a little skeptical to use my card because I don't know how safe it is and it is hard to trust your card's information to somebody you are unfamiliar with.But I want to shop online but I dont know which is safer to use is it Paypal or a credit card?
  5. R

    Best Credit Card payment getway for WHMCS?

    Hello Guys, Comment Best Credit card payment getway for WHMCS, Do not recommend paypal , 2checkout, stripe or country based getways :) Thanks for help
  6. Luxin Host

    Best Direct Debit/Master Card/ Credit Card WHMCS gateway?

    Hello Community I was looking for recommendations on the payment gateways for Debit card, Master card and credit cards to be used in WHMCS. Looking for the lowest fees, with highest security/trust. Best Regards
  7. TheCompWiz

    How to pay with credit card without a Paypal account?

    I am needing a urgent help, the reason is my client is wanting to pay me with his credit card through Paypal without creating a PayPal account or his credit card has not connected to Paypal yet. Is it possible to create an invoice or a Paypal button that allow him to pay with his credit card...
  8. StartVM

    Is it possible to win a Credit Card dispute?

    It always seems like the banks side with the consumer by default and don't really care about the merchant terms of service or the circumstances of the dispute. They always credit the amount back to the consumer and the merchant is stuck being out the money plus a dispute fee. Is this always the...
  9. LavaHotDealsCom

    Where to find credit card affiliate programs?

    Hi, I notice there are a lot credit card promotion ads in my competitor's website. Do you know which network holding credit card affiliate programs? I cannot find them in CJ, linkshare, shareasale etc. Thanks,
  10. A

    Can someone explain about credit card?

    Hi to all, I am thinking about applying for a credit card. I've never had a credit card before. Therefore, I don't know anything about that. I have no idea that what is benefit of credit card? Please explain me in details. Thanks a lot Alisha Wilson
  11. Marc0

    Can I verify Paypal account without credit card?

    Hi everyone, It is possible if I didn't have any credit cards but still verify Paypal account ? If yes, please show me ways Thanks
  12. A

    Where can I find an advertisement web client traffic generator?

    Hello Guys!! I have my website and I plan to move toward premium services in a few weeks I need to promote my website increasing traffic. Do you know of any? Thanks!!
  13. J

    Process online payments by credit card

    The basic idea on online processing through credit card is appreciable.