1. shivambhatele

    Looking for Graphic Design Book

    Hello Everyone, I am looking for a graphic design book to grow my skills in designing. I have checked on google to find graphic design books and found some author's books but I am confused about which one is better. Can anyone know the best book for a beginner point?
  2. johnyplex

    Any great content marketing books?

    Hey guys! Do you know or giving me any recommendations for awesome content marketing books? and why you chose them? Content marketing seems trending now and I am wanting to learn about it. Appreciate your suggestions!
  3. pabitra

    What are some good books on marketing?

    I am looking for some ebooks on marketing to gain my knowledge and skills on IM. Does any one share me any names or links with any introductions about them. Ready to pay for good ones that help me to learn and improve traffic and sales for my blog site. Your recommendations are welcomed!
  4. Harry P

    Books you guys read for affiliate marketing?

    Hey everyone, what kind of books do you all read for affiliate marketing and got any successes when applying methods you learned from books? Can you share ? Currently I am searching some books on Amazon. What about you?
  5. mrrightme

    Are you still buying IM books?

    I'm asking this because I believe there is some secret sauce hidden in these books and info products you can never get online for free? Are you still buying IM books or just having free ebooks from squeeze pages?
  6. Nemanja

    Must Read Internet Marketing Books?

    Hey Guys, I am searching for internet marketing ebooks that help an internet marketers earn more money and succeed in IM. What is your list of must read books about Internet Marketing for 2015? All your recommendations are appreciated.
  7. PhilaniMbatha

    What are the good books to learn about Affiliate Marketing?

    I want to learn affiliate marketing from ebooks and earn money with it, have any good ebooks form online stores our there? and what are the good books to learn about Affiliate Marketing? I was recommended to learn from forums, blogs or relevant sites. Please let me know if these sources are...
  8. X

    Good books about Twitter

    Can you recommend some good books about Twitter. I am planning to get the latest edition of "Twitter marketing for dummies", I am reading "Twitter for business" by Ted Prodromou now (very good book), and I also have "Get rich with Twitter" by Dennis Prince. I was doing the research, before I...
  9. Marc0

    Books for Learning Javascript

    Hi everyone, I'm aspiring to be a good web designer. Been working on to learn several web programming and scripting languages. Right now I want to deepen my scripting skills using Javascript. So, I'm planning of buying a book as my reference or guide. If you know some good books, please name...
  10. Marc0

    Suggest books for Graphic Design

    Hi guys, I'm Aspiring to be a graphic designer. Looking forward to enhance my skills in graphic design. Though there are goods sites on the internet, I feel I could get a more systematic and orderly Slearning using books. Can you suggest of a good book for graphic design? Thanks in advance.