1. nickson311

    Which is the best for Photo Editing? Adobe Photoshop or Corel Draw X6?

    I want to edit some of my pictures, can you suggest what is the best for this two software?
  2. nickson311

    Adobe Photoshop C6 vs Core DrawX6?

    I want to try to edit some pictures and I don't know which is the best Adobe Photoshop C6 or Corel Draw X6?
  3. Lene

    Aside from Adobe Photoshop

    Adobe Photoshop is the only photo editing I know and used tool eversince. Because for me, it is the most powerful and best of all. So aside from Photoshop, what you guys consider as best also? Anyone can introduce for me? Thanks in advance. ;)
  4. gelotologist

    Which is the best for creating a design or logo for business.. Adobe Illustrato or Adobe Photshop?

    I've been using Photoshop my whole life and it's not bad at all but all of my friends told me to switch to Adobe Illustrator, the reason why they want me to switch is because they said that it focus more on design and also the Photoshop is a pixel based.
  5. Fuzyon

    Adobe XD?

    Does anyone around here use Adobe XD? It's a program developed by Adobe (d'uh) that is a lightweight version of Photoshop primarily made for sketches and layouts. It's really lightweight and it allows you to design site layouts much faster than using Photoshop for example.
  6. alexanderzx360

    Is any of the Adobe image editing software worthy?

    My girlfriend has a licence of Adobe Lightroom and she uses it like once every two days to edit her photos and all, but I was wondering if it's really worthy to get any of the other Adobe software for her (for example Photoshop, and or Aftereffects). She currently only edits photos she takes for...
  7. Lea

    Is Adobe Photoshop overrated?

    For a long time, I used GIMP, because I couldn't afford Photoshop. At the time, GIMP worked out perfectly for what I needed done and I still consider it a great free program. However, once I started using Photoshop, I saw all the things that GIMP was missing. I personally think that Photoshop is...
  8. MooseLucifer

    Installing Adobe Flash Player on your CentOS Linux

    In this post I will guide you install adobe flash player on your CentOS Linux. Whatever you are using Windows or Linux, I am sure you will use a desktop operating system and when you need to install adobe flash player plugin for your web browsers to view flash videos on the internet. It is same...
  9. edsonbuchanan

    How To Make Graphics For FaceBook, Instagram, and More...

    I'm always looking for ways to create professional looking graphics fast and when its free; even better. I came across this website that allows you to make great looking graphics and I personally think its better than adobe as its easy to learn how to use. I recommend...
  10. Michele D.

    Any one got Adobe CS 6 Cracked

    I just downloaded Adobe Photoshop CS 6 . But there seems to be some restrictions. Either The key is invalid or there must be something wrong in the software. Please if some one has a cracked version or a valid key.
  11. Tommy

    What is the difference between Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw?

    Hi everyone, Can you tell me what is the difference between Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw? Waiting for valuable replies from graphic experts
  12. Tommy

    Is it hard to learn Adobe Photoshop?

    I have some works doing with graphic tools. I tried photoshop but I didn't get results as my expectations so anyone here with more experiences with Photoshop give me ideas to do the best graphics with photoshop. what do we need ? and is it hard to learn Adobe Photoshop? Any thoughts ?