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We offer instant activated VPS Cloud worldwide, 1Gbit/s (37 locations), 2Gbit/s (20TB bandwitch) and VPN services. Starting from 5EUR with already 1Gb/s. Our goal is to provide secured VMs and our policy is all about your privacy.

Instant Activation
24/7 Support
99.95 Uptime
High Performance
Multiple Data Centers
Money Back Warranty

VPS Cloud Plans:
VPS 11 CPU512 MB RAM10 GB SSD1Gbps(shared)500 GB5.00 EUR monthly
VPS 21 CPU1GB RAM30 GB SSD1Gbps(shared)1.5TB10.00 EUR monthly
VPS 32 CPU2 GB RAM40 GB SSD1Gbps(shared)2TB15.00 EUR monthly
VPS 44 CPU2 GB RAM20 GB SSD1Gbps(shared)2.5 TB20.00 EUR monthly
VPS 56 CPU8 GB RAM160 GB SSD1Gbps(shared)5 TB60.00 EUR monthly
VPS 68 CPU16 GB RAM320 GB SSD1Gbps(shared)6 TB110.00 EUR monthly

VPS Hight Bandwidth Plan:
VPS 11 CPU2GB RAM20 GB2 Gbps (shared)20 TB10.00 EUR monthly
VPS 22 CPU2GB RAM40 GB2 Gbps (shared)20 TB15.00 EUR monthly
VPS 32 CPU4GB RAM40 GB2 Gbps (shared)20 TB20.00 EUR monthly
VPS 44 CPU8GB RAM160 GB2 Gbps (shared)20 TB25.00 EUR monthly
VPS 58 CPU32GB RAM240 GB2 Gbps (shared)20 TB50.00 EUR monthly
VPS 616 CPU32GB RAM360 GB2 Gbps (shared)20 TB80.00 EUR monthly

Accepted methods of payment:

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