1. M

    Search Engine Optimization is a backbone of website

    Hi Guy, Hope you are fine, Well I am confused sometimes We follow SEO but unfortunately, our website ******.org is down at the time. I just need a short story/ tips to understand the base of SEO. So share your useful tips. Thank you
  2. Mihai B.

    Should I edit MySQL configurations for high-traffic websites?

    I have a large website that receives a significant amount of traffic, and my friends have suggested that editing the MySQL configuration file can improve its performance. Can anyone share their experiences and insights into why and how editing the MySQL config file can benefit a high-traffic...
  3. Mihai B.

    Is my hosting server ready for more websites?

    I have a concern regarding my hosting server's capacity to handle multiple websites with decent traffic. Currently, I have several websites hosted, but I am unsure whether the server has enough resources to accommodate them efficiently. I am also looking for ways to assess if it's advisable to...
  4. David Beroff

    How to change the disk where the websites are stored on Plesk?

    I am using Plesk Obsidian and on my server it has a storage disk, I want to change the disk where websites date will be stored to it. At this time, plesk is using boot disk to store website data, now I want to store on storage disk by default, is it possible?
  5. A

    Are those websites selling plesk licenses at 7-9$ per month scam?

    Hi i just saw a few websites that sell plesk license at 7$ is that scam right? whats the best reseller to buy plesk license? thank you
  6. Kaz Wolfe

    How to move Cloudflare websites to another accounts?

    Hi, How to move Cloudflare websites to another accounts to manage? Thanks
  7. R

    Is it OK for a NOOB to have a VPS Hosting Websites?

    Hey everyone, I was on Siteground but their renewal fees are expensive so I looked for a cheaper option....I went with a VPS with cyberpanel installed on it. I have no idea how to manage a VPS but my websites are on it and they are running fine. However, I don't feel safe. I paid a...
  8. Mihai B.

    Can I use a Game dedicated Server for websites?

    I checked this offer below, its price is good but I don't know if I can use this game server to setup and run for my websites? GAME-1 Intel i7-4790K 4c / 8t - 4GHz 16GB DDR3 1333MHz 1x120 GB SSD $41.99
  9. David Beroff

    How to check new uploaded files to my websites recently?

    I have 10 websites and having some freelancers working on it, recently I see my server increase disk space quickly, I doubt someone uploaded more files to one of my websites but I don't know how to check. Does any one help me to find out which files are uploaded recently?
  10. A

    How to choose a hosting provider? What websites contain trustworthy reviews?

    Hello all! I've browsed lots of websites with reviews on hosting providers. But there is a possibility that these are fake reviews written by the company employees. How to know which website is trustworthy? That’s precisely the thing me and my team are working on right now. We've decided make...
  11. Bryan McClure

    Speed up websites running on Plesk Onyx?

    I have got a new server and just installed Plesk Onyx, its license is pretty cheap that's why I chose this hosting panel. I moved my websites and running them on Plesk Onyx, I heard that Plesk Onyx has many caching plugins which can speed up websites. What are they? Any recommended ways to speed...
  12. Maxoq

    What to configure to speed up websites running on Plesk?

    I am running several websites on Plesk web hosting panel, I saw an extension for boosting website speed but not sure I should install or enable it? Do you give me any advice?
  13. Joseph_Hill

    Move 5 websites on a cPanel hosting to a new host?

    How to move 5 websites on a cPanel hosting to a new host? I am planning to move these websites from my current hosting to a new host, they are running on WHM/cPanel, on a decent VPS. Which way or options to check to download and easily move 5 websites' data without any risks as downtime or lose...
  14. Kaz Wolfe

    Do you like sliders on websites?

    I am going to add sliders for my websites but I think it can make annoys for everyone when visiting my site because they like animations and can make everyone distraction to website content. What do you think about sliders on websites? should I add them to my website or not?
  15. Cort Ammon

    Where should I put backup of my websites?

    Normally I used to create backup for my website via hosting panel and download it with its mysql databases to my PC but this way is manual and I like to backup to a server or a place I can believe to put those files securely. What way would you recommend?
  16. Cheerag Nundlall

    How many websites have you owned now?

    I am just curious to find out how many of you guys still running websites, I know lots of you do but it’s interesting to know. Also do you have more than one? I have 2 websites now and planning to open new websites. What about you? any shares?,
  17. Kaz Wolfe

    How to backup databases and files of all websites from WHM/cPanel?

    I am having 5 websites on a WHM/cpanel server, its data is very large, about 35GB. How can I backup all databases and files/folders of these websites with WHM/cPanel?
  18. Mihai B.

    Do you use free themes for your websites?

    I am running several websites, they are running on Wordpress and all of them are using paid themes. I think free themes are also good but paid themes have lots of customization, but if you have good knowledge about web programming and you can customize free themes? or just buying paid themes...
  19. David Beroff

    What are the best ways to protect your websites from malware?

    Can you guys tell me what are the best ways to protect your websites from malware? I would like to know both ways including manual ways and using tools to scan, remove malware from websites. Thanks!
  20. HostColor

    HC - HIGH PERFORMANCE CLOUD WEBSITES - Fault-Tolerant SSD Storage - from $4.99/mo

    HostColor submitted a new product: HC - HIGH PERFORMANCE CLOUD WEBSITES - Fault-Tolerant SSD Storage - from $4.99/mo - Shared Hosting accounts, hosted on Cloud-based, Fault-Tolerant infrastructure Read more about this product...