vps server

  1. TheCompWiz

    SSD vs HDD for VPS server?

    I'm thinking of buying an extra VPS server but wanted to know which type of hard disk would be best suited for a shared server environment for many websites with high traffic and requiring high CPU/memory. Does HDD still work? and using HDD might down price for my VPS plan, right?
  2. Dr. McKay

    How to delete temporary and unused files from a VPS server?

    I have a VPS using Centos 6. I check with the command dh -f and its showing large size while I don't use more space like that, only some Wordpress sites. I wan to find out unused or temporary files on my vps and delete them to reduce disk space on my vps server. How can any one guide me?
  3. Mihai B.

    How to check Disk performance (I/O Speed) of your VPS server?

    I want to check how fast my SSD-based VPS is? how many MB/s it is acceptable? Any advice?
  4. Gmeister4

    Which is the best control panel for Linux VPS server?

    Hello, I am planing for a opt for Linux VPS hosting, Can someone suggest me the list of the best control panel for Linux VPS server? Thank you
  5. Mujkanovic

    Using VPS server to send mass emails?

    I have a VPS 6Gb of RAM, and I have a list 25000 subscribers, I want to send out newsletter to my list each months. I was recommended to use getresponse or mailchimp but they will spend more more money for email marketing. I'm wondering are there any VPS providers that allow sending of mass...