1. David Beroff

    Difference between Nodejs vs Nginx?

    Hello everyone, I am currently working on a technical guide and I would like to include a section that explains the difference between Node.js and Nginx. Both are popular technologies used in web development and server configurations, but they serve different purposes and have distinct...
  2. BlueLeaf

    How to Enable TLS 1.3 on Windows, Limux, Mac, Apache & NGINX

    Enabling TLS 1.3 on various platforms and web servers requires different steps. Below is a step-by-step guide to enabling TLS 1.3 on Windows, Linux, Mac, Apache, and Nginx: Windows Please note that Windows already has TLS 1.3 support starting from Windows 10 version 20170, and Windows Server...
  3. Harry P

    How To Install Linux, Nginx, MySQL, PHP (LEMP) stack On CentOS 7 ?

    I only want to install these services for my VPS server to host my website. How can I do this in an easy way? please guide me.
  4. Kaz Wolfe

    Installing Nginx on DirectAdmin

    Nginx is a high-performance web server and reverse proxy that is designed to handle a large number of concurrent connections. It is commonly used for serving web content, caching, load balancing, and more. There are several reasons why you may want to install Nginx web server on DirectAdmin...
  5. S

    Nginx / Network administrator / Network Infrastructure Expert wanted

    Hey guys, We are looking for someone to take care of our servers and set up websites for us. The infrastructure is always the same: Domain -> Reverse Proxy -> Backend Server Which skills you should master perfectly: - Linux (Debian) - Nginx - Certbot / SSL Management - Configuring reverse...
  6. Chris Worner

    How to compare performance between Nginx and Apache?

    My websites are running on both Nginx and Apache server but I don't know which one is giving better performance for my websites. Is there a way or tool to check performance of Nginx and Apache to compare?
  7. Maxoq

    Litespeed web server vs Nginx ?

    I am new to Litespeed web server, i want to know about this web Litespeed web server, how can it compare with Nginx? which is better and how to have Litespeed web server on my vps server?
  8. Mujkanovic

    Make .htaccess work with Nginx on Plesky onyx?

    In the past I found a good post on this forum which guide to install an addon in Plesk Onyx to allow websites with htacess to run in Nginx. But now I don't see it any more. Anyone knows please guide me. Many thanks!
  9. JTexan

    Which hosting control panels are supporting Nginx completely?

    Hi everyone, I am using cPanel and its running apache, feeling pretty slow for my websites, I would like to use a better OS, should I use Plesk to have Nginx integrated or which hosting control panels are supporting Nginx completely?
  10. Mujkanovic

    Enable Nginx on DirectAdmin?

    How can I enable Nginx on DirectAdmin? is it better than Apache on Directadmin? I am using apache web server but I heard that Nginx is better and faster for my websites. Which do I need to note when using Nginx on DirectAdmin? any advice?
  11. Dr. McKay

    Upgrade HTTP/2 on DirectAdmin's Nginx Webserver

    DirectAdmin is a professional hosting management software, currently being used by many customers. By default DirectAdmin uses HTTP/1.1 protocol in the installation configuration (Custombuild 2.0). This tutorial applies to the use case of two servers, Apache and Nginx, where Apache is the...
  12. T

    Need Nginx on different port?

    Hi guys, I have a VPS with CentOS 7 installed. I am now planning to run Nginx as main web server, currently I am using Apache web server. I need to know, is it possible to run Nginx along with Apache? When I google it some blogs says it's possible to have Nginx running on a different port . I...
  13. Bryan McClure

    Using Nginx with cPanel?

    I have WHM/cPanel and using it for a few websites, just wanting to move them to Nginx web server but not sure I can do that with cPanel. If yes then how?
  14. Chris Worner

    Nginx Rewrite 301 vs Return?

    I have a NGINX on my VPS server, I want to know what is the difference between Rewrite 301 and Return for example. rewrite ^$request_uri? permanent; Return 301: location ~ redirect-this/?$ { return 301$1; }...
  15. wpspeedster

    Nginx vs Caddy?

    Did you hear about this modern web server that called Caddy. How does it compare with Nginx? I have not tried Caddy hence I need to hear your experience if you have some with it. Thanks in advance.
  16. Kaz Wolfe

    Nginx restrict access to directory?

    I am moving a server to Nginx but I am new to it. Can you guide me how to restrict access to directory and sub directories? I want to set a configuration to restrict access on /images and files in it. How can I do this?
  17. Maxoq

    Does mod_evasive exist on Nginx?

    I am using mod_evasive to manage DOS on apache, that is it automatically blacklist IP's that do too much http queries during a delta time. These days, I have a server running Nginx, I don't know if mod_evasive exists on Nginx or not? Anyone has experience with this?
  18. superman2727

    NGINX Rate Limiting

    How NGINX rate limiting works? Is rate limiting can use in security purposes? I wonder if it can protect against DDoS attacks? How they do that? I don't exactly know how this rate limiting works and i've wanted to know did this configures itself just to protect from attackers. Is this only for...
  19. DenisMNE

    How to limit download speed per IP on nginx?

    Hello! I wanted to limit download speed one user can have on servia via nginx. Can someone explain to me how that would go ? Thanks
  20. D

    How to fix nginx error 404

    I use Nginx on Wordpress site. Every page disappeared, except homepage, and we got ''404 not found.'' I dont know how I triggered this problem. How can I fix this problem ?