1. Bryan McClure

    Using Nginx with cPanel?

    I have WHM/cPanel and using it for a few websites, just wanting to move them to Nginx web server but not sure I can do that with cPanel. If yes then how?
  2. Chris Worner

    Nginx Rewrite 301 vs Return?

    I have a NGINX on my VPS server, I want to know what is the difference between Rewrite 301 and Return for example. rewrite ^$request_uri? permanent; Return 301: location ~ redirect-this/?$ { return 301$1; }...
  3. wpspeedster

    Nginx vs Caddy?

    Did you hear about this modern web server that called Caddy. How does it compare with Nginx? I have not tried Caddy hence I need to hear your experience if you have some with it. Thanks in advance.
  4. Kaz Wolfe

    Nginx restrict access to directory?

    I am moving a server to Nginx but I am new to it. Can you guide me how to restrict access to directory and sub directories? I want to set a configuration to restrict access on /images and files in it. How can I do this?
  5. Maxoq

    Does mod_evasive exist on Nginx?

    I am using mod_evasive to manage DOS on apache, that is it automatically blacklist IP's that do too much http queries during a delta time. These days, I have a server running Nginx, I don't know if mod_evasive exists on Nginx or not? Anyone has experience with this?
  6. superman2727

    NGINX Rate Limiting

    How NGINX rate limiting works? Is rate limiting can use in security purposes? I wonder if it can protect against DDoS attacks? How they do that? I don't exactly know how this rate limiting works and i've wanted to know did this configures itself just to protect from attackers. Is this only for...
  7. DenisMNE

    How to limit download speed per IP on nginx?

    Hello! I wanted to limit download speed one user can have on servia via nginx. Can someone explain to me how that would go ? Thanks
  8. D

    How to fix nginx error 404

    I use Nginx on Wordpress site. Every page disappeared, except homepage, and we got ''404 not found.'' I dont know how I triggered this problem. How can I fix this problem ?
  9. DenisMNE

    nginx vs litespeed vs apache

    Which one do you use and prefer ? Interested in pros and cons of both and which is faster. I've heard recommendations for litespeed but wanted to check it out here firstly. Thanks.
  10. Chris Worner

    Nginx limit bandwidth?

    I am running a VPS with Nginx web server, I want to know if Nginx can limit bandwidth on per account on my hosting panel? I heard that it is possible to set a limit connections and download speed in Nginx. Is that true?
  11. Dr. McKay

    Wowza vs Nginx

    I have read an article about Wowza but I don't know how to compare it with Nginx? Can any one tell me more details about Wowza vs Nginx?
  12. Life Sayings

    Why Nginx is faster and better than Apache?

    I want to know why Nginx web server is faster and better than Apache? does any one explain me?
  13. Cheerag Nundlall

    Switching from Apache or Nginx to LiteSpeed?

    A few questions: If I am using Apache or Nginx on my hosting, it is possible to switch to LiteSpeed without reinstalling my hosting? how to measure performance with LiteSpeed?
  14. Kaz Wolfe

    Nginx configuration & management tool?

    I am afraid of doing configurations when works with Nginx. Is there a tool that allow me to config everything on my hosting server with clicks only or a tool to manage configurations with an user interface?
  15. Kaz Wolfe

    What is the best caching for Nginx?

    Hi. Can you tell me what is the best caching for nginx? I am planning in moving to Nginx and finding a best caching for it. Does any one know some and recommending me?
  16. Mujkanovic

    What are the best resources to learn Nginx?

    I would move to Nginx web server on my hosting instead of using Apache but i am afraid this because Nginx requires many configurations and it has a bit more differences from Apache which I am more familiar for a long time. Can you suggest me what are some good online resources or ways to learn...
  17. StackArcVPS

    Migrate Wordpress site from Apache to Nginx?

    Hello, Can anyone detail me on the steps to migrate a WordPress site ( on httpd apache ) to NGINX ( on CentOS 6 ) without dataloss and with site data remaining untouched? Please reply if you know the solution, will be of big help
  18. Moebuntu

    Nginx 502 bad gateway

    I have just installed Nginx on a small VPS server and when I try to view a PHP page then I got this error: 502 Bad Gateway. Anyone know what is it and how to fix it? where cab I check it came from?
  19. wpspeedster

    What is Reverse-proxy NGINX + Apache and Nginx web server?

    My webs hoting control panel is allowing to change webser from Apache to Reverse-proxy Nginx + Apache but what What is Reverse-proxy NGINX + Apache? Is is a combination of Nginx and Apache web server? and what Nginx web server standard alone? Can you tell me the differences?
  20. Kaz Wolfe

    Which paid hosting control panels that supports Nginx web server best?

    I want to move from Apache web server to Nginx. Does anyone know which paid hosting control panels that supports Nginx web server best? please exclude free control panels, LAMP, LEMP stack from the list.