1. David Beroff

    How to verify if my website is utilizing Memcached?

    I recently installed Memcached on my server to enhance the performance of my website by caching data and objects in RAM. However, I'm not entirely sure how to confirm if my website is actually utilizing Memcached effectively. Could anyone provide guidance on how to check this? What are the best...
  2. Mihai B.

    Wp rocket and memcached?

    I have multiple WordPress websites, all of which utilize WP Rocket. Upon installing an additional Memcached plugin, I noticed a slight improvement in website loading speeds. How can I accurately calculate the loading speed differences both before and after the installation of Memcached...
  3. Dr. McKay

    How to install Memcached on Plesk hosting control panel?

    Hello, I want to install Memcached on Plesk hosting control panel to serve for my Wordpress websites. What is the easiest way to setup and config this?
  4. Paul Wellner Bou

    Memcached vs Redis for directadmin?

    I am using directadmin control panel and it has two options to install Memcached and Redis but I don't know which one is better? and after installed one of two caching system, how can I canculate how it help my server/website speed?
  5. MooseLucifer

    Instructions to install Memcached for DirectAdmin

    Currently, the Memcached module supports 2 versions and each of these versions will support different types of PHP: php-memcached 3.x: - Supports PHP 7.0 - 7.1. - Requires libmemcached 1.x or higher. - Optionally supports igbinary 2.0 or higher. - Optionally supports msgpack 2.0 or higher...
  6. Kaz Wolfe

    How much RAM Memcached used?

    What command on SSH to check and know on how much RAM my Memcached used? I assigned 1GB of RAM to cache size for my memcached but not sure how much it used? Does anyone know how to check memcached stats?
  7. David Beroff

    Memcached vs Redis, Which One to install for my web hosting?

    I am using PHP 7.2 and interested to install a caching for my websites or speed up webpages. I am considering to install one of two these caching, Memcached or Redis, or can i install both? can you recommend me which one is better and why?
  8. Mihai B.

    Which is faster and better for caching, File System cache or Redis or Memcached?

    I am going to use File System cache or Memcached or Redis for my websites but not sure which is faster and better for caching. Can anyone tell me which one should I go with?