1. Private-Proxies

    WTS Residential Proxies, Data Center SOCKS5 / HTTPs / ShadowSOCKS Private Proxies

    Thank you for taking the time to review our thread and services. All our proxies are highly secure and anonymous with unmetered bandwidth. We're also featuring some of the best prices in the market for such service. Please take a look at a short list containing our key features: - Pick your...
  2. BlueLeaf

    How to enable HTTPS in Drupal?

    Enabling HTTPS in Drupal involves several steps: 1. Obtain an SSL/TLS certificate You will need to obtain an SSL/TLS certificate for your website. You can obtain a free SSL/TLS certificate from Let's Encrypt, or you can purchase one from a certificate authority (CA) such as Sectigo/Comodo...
  3. HostSailor

    How to Setting https redirect using .htaccess?

    If you are using an SSL certificate with your domain, you may need to set up a redirect when someone trying to access the domain with HTTP to load it with HTTPS automatically. We can use the following redirections as per your needs: 1. If you need to redirect all HTTP requests to HTTPS, paste...
  4. D

    MP3 file open in HTTPS but not HTTP. Why?

    Hello. I share files that are accessible through direct URL. All kinds of files, (.txt, .zip, .png, .mp3, .wav, etc) For some reasons, when I am in a browser, I can download all files when I am in HTTP. But when I try in HTTPS it does not work for " music " files. I would get the error...
  5. Cheerag Nundlall

    What is OpenSSL?

    I saw OpenSSL in my Centos web panel and i have to installed it with Lets encrypt so my site can use https. I don't know what benefits of OpenSSL and what it is? does anyone explain me?
  6. Dr. McKay

    AutoSSL certificate expiry on 6/6/19 UTC

    I am using WHM and cPanel and I receive this notification via email Will my AutoSSL auto renew? or do I need to do to renew it?
  7. Dr. McKay

    How to install SSL (HTTPS) for Centos web panel (CWP)?

    I am having a server that running free Centos web panel on Centos 7. I am new to this, I don't knnow how to install HTTPS for this panel and enable https for my websites running on it. Can you guys tell me the way how to install SSL (HTTPS) for Centos web panel (CWP)?
  8. NesMarcos

    Difference of HTTP and HTTPs?

    Some websites are HTTP and some are HTTP with an S. Can anyone help me understand this? I highly appreciate your help with this!
  9. Maxoq

    Does your site really need HTTPS?

    On my website I'm not collecting any personal information or credit cards through forms. Is it still recommended to make my site https? What about your websites? Does your site really need HTTPS? Any thoughts?
  10. Danlucy

    Redirect https to http with SSL certificate installed?

    Is difficult to explain in this case because I am having a website using SSL but for any reasons I have a page that I want to setup http only for it. I tried to do some ways but it didn't work (because I setup codes in htaccess file that will auto redirect from http to https automatically hence...
  11. Chris Worner

    How to setup HTTPS for websites running on Plesk Onyx?

    There are a few websites running on Plesk Onyx control panel but they have not set HTTPS yet, can anyone guide me what is the best and easiest way to have HTTPS for my websites on Plesk?
  12. W

    Are the Rankings affected switch from HTTP to HTTPS?

    When I switch from HTTP to HTTPS , are the website rankings affected ?
  13. S

    403 Forbidden Error On http but not on https

    Hi guys, When i checked my website using a googlebot test tool from , i put my site name on it , it returned 403 forbidden error , but when i put, it returned with 200 status ok. I am using cpanel. This website is a...
  14. djsmiley2k

    Redirect HTTP to HTTPS in VestaCP?

    I am having a VPS package and installed VestaCP control panel, it is new to me and I have less experience for using VestaCP. Can you tell me the way to redirect HTTP to HTTPS in VestaCP? Does it use same way as other hosting panels?
  15. portuguesedude

    HTTP to HTTPS automatic with Let's Encryptâ„¢ SSL

    hello so i have issued SSL certificate from my cpanel account. Let's Encryptâ„¢ SSL is issued and active. How to automatically redirect HTTP to HTTPS url ? Only way i found was to edit index.html to redirect to htpps another way please? thanks for sharing !!!
  16. Kaz Wolfe

    HTTPS without SSL?

    Can HTTPS server configured without a server certificate? I am just curious about this because almost time I have setup HTTPs for my websites then I need certificates from providers as Letsencrypt or Cloudflare? Is it possible to have HTTPS without SSL?
  17. Maxoq

    How to speed up https sites?

    I enabled Lets Encrypt SSL from cPanel for my sites but after installed this features then my websites run slowly. Why https is slower than http? is there a way to speed up for https sites?
  18. BillEssley

    What is making my site not fully secure in HTTPs?

    My site is changed to https and I change links from http to https on page but on the browser it is showing me this Do you guys know a tool to check if my web page is still existing any http links or element?
  19. Harry P

    Things to consider when migrating from HTTP to HTTPS

    Please let me know what things to consider when migrating from HTTP to HTTPS? I am caring about web site traffic can be decreased or other factors can be affected after moved to HTTPs. Any advice?
  20. Harry P

    What are the steps to move a HTTP site to HTTPS?

    I have a site with decent traffic and getting good traffic from Google, around 6000 pages. I want to move it to HTTPS because i heard google will give good rankings to https sites. My question is what are steps to move a HTTP site to HTTPS without losing rankings and traffic?