1. D

    MP3 file open in HTTPS but not HTTP. Why?

    Hello. I share files that are accessible through direct URL. All kinds of files, (.txt, .zip, .png, .mp3, .wav, etc) For some reasons, when I am in a browser, I can download all files when I am in HTTP. But when I try in HTTPS it does not work for " music " files. I would get the error...
  2. David Beroff

    Apache HTTP 2.4.17 to 2.4.38 Local Root Exploit vulnerability

    Hi everyone, I received an email like this Is it true? If yes, how to update Apache to fix this error?
  3. NesMarcos

    Difference of HTTP and HTTPs?

    Some websites are HTTP and some are HTTP with an S. Can anyone help me understand this? I highly appreciate your help with this!
  4. Mujkanovic

    Should HTTP be removed?

    Almost websites is tending to moving to https, so is HTTP really necessary to exist? and should it removed and instead completely with https?
  5. Danlucy

    Redirect https to http with SSL certificate installed?

    Is difficult to explain in this case because I am having a website using SSL but for any reasons I have a page that I want to setup http only for it. I tried to do some ways but it didn't work (because I setup codes in htaccess file that will auto redirect from http to https automatically hence...
  6. W

    Are the Rankings affected switch from HTTP to HTTPS?

    When I switch from HTTP to HTTPS , are the website rankings affected ?
  7. S

    403 Forbidden Error On http but not on https

    Hi guys, When i checked my website using a googlebot test tool from , i put my site name on it , it returned 403 forbidden error , but when i put, it returned with 200 status ok. I am using cpanel. This website is a...
  8. djsmiley2k

    Redirect HTTP to HTTPS in VestaCP?

    I am having a VPS package and installed VestaCP control panel, it is new to me and I have less experience for using VestaCP. Can you tell me the way to redirect HTTP to HTTPS in VestaCP? Does it use same way as other hosting panels?
  9. portuguesedude

    HTTP to HTTPS automatic with Let's Encryptâ„¢ SSL

    hello so i have issued SSL certificate from my cpanel account. Let's Encryptâ„¢ SSL is issued and active. How to automatically redirect HTTP to HTTPS url ? Only way i found was to edit index.html to redirect to htpps another way please? thanks for sharing !!!
  10. Harry P

    Things to consider when migrating from HTTP to HTTPS

    Please let me know what things to consider when migrating from HTTP to HTTPS? I am caring about web site traffic can be decreased or other factors can be affected after moved to HTTPs. Any advice?
  11. Harry P

    What are the steps to move a HTTP site to HTTPS?

    I have a site with decent traffic and getting good traffic from Google, around 6000 pages. I want to move it to HTTPS because i heard google will give good rankings to https sites. My question is what are steps to move a HTTP site to HTTPS without losing rankings and traffic?
  12. Marc0

    HTTP to HTTPS for better rankings on search engines?

    I saw various search engine blogs mentioning http to https as a best choice for SEO, they are saying that if you change your website from Http to Https then obtaining better Google rankings, it's correct? and is it recommended or accepted by Bing and Yahoo as a ranking factor? Any thoughts?
  13. DavidLux

    Http vs. Https: What is the difference?

    Hello webmasters, Can you show me pros and cons of Http vs. Https ? I know https is more secure but why it is then I didn't know. If possible, plz show me what is the difference between Http vs. Https? Thanks David
  14. jdunhin

    Redirect HTTP to HTTPS - If your wordpress is on HTTPS

    If you have a Wordpress installation on https then you want the http to redirect to https. In your public_html (not in public_ssl) put this html file: Create "name.html" Insert this code and replace domain with website name. <meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="0;URL=" />...
  15. H

    SMS component to Joomla

    I need sms component for Joomla to send automatic sms to my website users in case of each login. They will get a registration code on their phone that they need to enter at website login. I found an OzekiSMS module to joomla ([/url] ... e-134.html) which will be...