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  1. G

    Starting a VPS hosting service

    Hi all, I own a MSP company and am looking to expanding into the VPS hosting service side. For any of you that do this currently, what hypervisor do you use? Also, what VPS management software do you use? I have looked at a few out there, but want to make sure I pick the right one. I will have...
  2. Chris Worner

    Phone support availability among Hosting service Providers?

    Hello everyone, I'm currently exploring hosting service options for my website, and one of my key considerations is customer support. While many hosting providers offer various support channels, I'm particularly interested in phone support. Could anyone please share their experiences or...
  3. T

    Searching for VPS hosting service for my friend

    Hello guys, Can anyone share you information regards VPS hosting providers with night ship can be much attractive, please suggest a good provider for this. Also, please suggest should I consider a linux server for this ?
  4. Dr. McKay

    When a hosting server is out of date and should upgrade or change it?

    I have a dedicated server that used 2 years, if comparing with servers at this time then its specifications is not good because it is used pretty long time, should I buy a new server and move websites to new server to have better configs at same price?
  5. DaRecordon

    What to check before purchasing web hosting service?

    Did you check reviews, specs or something else before before purchasing web hosting service from a web hosting provider? or you just buy their service if they fit your requirements?
  6. OnaDavney

    What to do if your hosting is becoming bad?

    As title, what to do if your hosting is becoming bad? in first months your hosting service is good but its becoming bad because your hosting provider is changing rules or suspend your service without any reasons? I moved 4 times to new hosting provider after faced same problem. What bout you...