1. anxelita

    Making money on web hosting?

    Do you guys have any experience on making money on web hosting?
  2. HyperVMart

    Pure SSD Hosting 20 Years Experience - Free Domain 99.99% Uptime - CloudLinux Promo 1.5$ /Yr 2019-05-05

    Check out our Cheap TLD's (.com/net/org/biz/.info) From 5.89$/year !!. Plans:- Pluto Pure SSD: 250 MB Bandwidth: Unlimited Domains: 1 Email Accounts: Unlimited Databases: 1 Free Domain: N/A Setup: Instant Only: 1.5$/Year Instant Deployment Mercury Pure SSD: 500 MB Bandwidth: Unlimited...
  3. ray_ray

    Anyone has experience with Hostinger?

    Anyone who has experience using this host? What can you say?
  4. Lost93

    Buying Bitcoin with Paypal? Does anyone have experience?

    Is it possible to buy Bitcoin with Paypal? And if so, how can this be done? Does anyone have experience in this? Thank you in advance for the answers.
  5. barcoder

    Thinking of migrating to Linode due to slow performance on shared server. What is your experience?

    I have been running my website on Bluehost for almost an year. Currently, I have average 700 daily visitors on my PHP based site. Since the last month, I am facing some issues on my site. It has become slower than before and sometimes returns 500 error. I have tried every thing to optimize the...
  6. jonemil24

    Webhost experience?

    I'm looking for a webhost company here in the Philippines, could anyone tell me their price and experiences about the company?
  7. Theresapaz

    How can Hosting Security and Technology improve user experience?

    Hello Guys! I mean we have to admit that there is a dilemma in balancing the need to provide an exceptional user experience and protecting their personal data at the same time. I'm so annoyed by the endless Captchas that I have to go through or the litany of passwords that I have to put in...
  8. Soulwatcher

    I am about to move to Linode soon anyone have any experience with them?

    I really dislike shared hosting but it's a great starting point while you're setting up your website. I have noticed that my website gets CPU throttled daily and at most I get 20 posts a day on my forum. Which is very discouraging, because what's going to happen when I get more members on my...
  9. Maria_C

    Have you use shopify for ecommerce? What was your experience

    Hello, all Please share your experience using shopify for ecommerce and likewise paypal as a means of accepting payments. Thanks.
  10. Cheerag Nundlall

    What is a hosting experience?

    What is a hosting experience? can you tell me more details about it?
  11. M

    Horrible experience with netelligent’s netelCloud

    I recently moved my site to netelligent since I heard so many good things about them. I basically run a simple LAMP setup, so nothing exotic. So I chose their netelCloud service because of the 100% update guarantee. Turns out it doesn't mean much. I had some configuration problems at first...
  12. Cort Ammon

    Any experience with Virtualizor?

    I want to try Virtualizor, it is a power tool to create and managing VPS, also its pricing is good, just $1 for 1 VPS license/month. Are any of you here using this Panel. What is your experience with Virtualizor? how does their staff support? Any problems reported?
  13. Maxoq

    Have you ever had a bad experience with a content writer?

    Have you ever had a bad experience when you hired a writer to write content for your blogs or websites? For instance, the content they created for you turned out to be plagiarized? I've hired some writers before and for some writers, I had to require them to fix and edit paragraphs because it...
  14. PTTed

    Announcing - Increased effort to improve user experience

    We value you as a member of this forum and we want to create a place that you absolutely love. If you have any advice on how to improve this forum and how we can serve you better, please send a PM to one of the active mods here. Thank you for being a member. We look forward to your feedback!
  15. basicblogtalk

    Have you experience with $1 hosting plan of Godaddy

    Hey, every...! Yesterday I got an email of affiliate promotion. I found that Godaddy offered $1 hosting plan called "Economic plan". You know..? It was really impressed, and I want to grab that hosting. However, I worry about hosting performance. So, I would love ask for some recommend from...
  16. kenmichaels

    What are your #1 TIPs for Solo Ads experience

    Hey guys, If you have ever used solo ads then I am sure you probably have some tips to share We all can share our knowledge here and help each other to grow.
  17. Knowing Roger

    Its Sharing Time about your first online marketing experience :)

    You know anything, which happens for the first time, gives you a memory of a lifetime. Can anyone share on what their how they made the money from online marketing first and how was the experience getting the money in your account. I was shocked and didnt know how it happened at all :P Felt...
  18. Knowing Roger

    What's been your experience?

    I guess, whoever is here. has been connected to the online marketing world for a long long time. however, i just wanted to know what has been there experience thus far? I mean trends have changed. How has it effected your approach over the years :) ?