dedicated hosting

  1. Solarcom

    Dedicated hosting vs Cloud hosting: how to choose?

    Assisting you in selecting the best service for the best price is the primary goal of the Solar Communications team. Quite often, while discussing the details of an application, our clients ask for help in deciding what type of hosting service to order. These questions are the reason for...
  2. Solarcom

    Why your Business needs a VPN?

    Have you ever wondered how many times a day employees use the Internet for work-related tasks? Hundreds and thousands of operations are done every minute, and keeping track of employees' privacy is extremely tough. The privacy of your employees' access is a particular challenge, especially since...
  3. M

    Looking for Dedicated Hosting for Chia harvesting

    Many friends recommended Hetzner for hosting my crypto harvesting. In particular, I'm looking for Chia harvesting plot hosting. However, I read about how Hetzner banned all crypto hosting on their platform. Is that true? What are my options now?
  4. harry_v

    Advantages of Dedicated Web Hosting

    Dedicated web hosting is a secure server where you can protect your website or business-sensitive data. It will help to scale your business or the website. In addition, it provides you with a personal IP address. Advantages of Dedicated Server Hosting Personal hardware: A dedicated server...
  5. C

    Dedicated hosting vs VPS hosting: Which one is Better for my Ecommerce Business?

    I have an eCommerce website and looking to get a better server for it. Let me know which one should I prefer.
  6. D

    [Turkey, ISTANBUL][2x E5-2650v2/E3-1230v3|32-64G|2xSSD500G|Unlimited BW|DDOS PROTECTION] 2021-11-07

    Who we are ? In 2018 February Digiturunc Company was established in Istanbul city of Turkey with the targets of responding and providing professional services required by IT industry activists and all webmasters. This Company is formed by association of network, operating system and server...
  7. M

    How does VPS hosting differ from shared and dedicated hosting?

    I launch my small business and I require server that meet my needs. there are different offers that make me confused. can anyone help me to answer this questions. Is shared hosting cheaper than dedicated hosting? Is shared hosting safer than dedicated hosting? i find this article but i need...
  8. S

    Looking for a reasonably priced managed dedicated hosting

    Goodmorning, I'm looking for a reasonably priced managed dedicated hosting solution for my client, he has a small browser-based game site. Better with good processing speeds and lots of storage if possible at least 4 TB, but don't need a lot of RAM, thank you all!
  9. Marcus_SM

    Premium Dedicated Server Hosting in Switzerland | COIN.HOST

    COIN.HOST has been providing privacy-focused Bitcoin hosting since 2011. As of today we are proud to serve more than 20,000 businesses and individual clients from all around the globe. We offer some 70+ web hosting plans for any task and budget ranging from VPS to high performance clustered...
  10. David Beroff

    How much disk space will i have for this plan?

    I am checking this server What does 2x SSD SATA 250 GB mean? will i have 512GB of disk space? or just 250GB?
  11. isix

    Dedicated Servers from $69.00/mo 2020-05-12

    Powerful dedicated servers at the best price
  12. SvenHost

    [SvenHost] | 4C/8T CPU | 16 GB RAM | 2x2 TB | Dedicated Hosting | 24/7 Support | Starts at $100/mo

    SvenHost is a privately-owned professional web hosting company. Since our inception, we have experienced tremendous growth and popularity thanks to our affordable high performance web hosting services supported by the excellent level of service we deliver to our customers. Today, the SvenHost...
  13. MilesWeb

    [MilesWeb] Diwali Offer | Managed Dedicated Hosting | Starts at $145/mo | SSH Root Access 2019-10-16

    MilesWeb offers a comprehensive line-up of fully managed dedicated servers from basic entry level to latest high performance servers across various price points. Available with a choice of Linux operating systems and a host of other customization and addon options, these servers are designed as...
  14. Marcus_SM

    Dedicated Servers in Switzerland - BItcoin accepted 2019-05-23

    CoinsHOST is a team of Swiss-based cryptocurrency enthusiasts and web hosting professionals who focus on providing secure and private services for decentralized currencies economy and environment. We've been in business for over 6 years and are proud to host and protect against DDoS attacks some...
  15. HostColor

    Do you check provider's network before purchasing a Dedicated Server?

    Hi guys, I'm curious what would be the behavioral model of those who need to get a Dedicated server? Do you guys decide based on the price or you also check the provider's network and ask questions about its data center, Internet connectivity, etc.?
  16. Marcus_SM

    Swiss Dedicated Server Hosting from $108 per month 2019-02-25

    Switzerland is perfectly located right in the center of Europe and is bordered by three of its largest market economies. Our country is renowned for its long lasting stability, political independence, neutrality, highly educated workforce and top freedom of speech rankings. All these advantages...
  17. hostnamaste

    Dual Intel Xeon E5 Budget Dedicated Servers at only $29.99/Month |In US and Europe| 2018-12-20

    Budget Dedicated Servers: 1) Intel Xeon E3-1240V3 - 8GB 8 GB RAM 200 GB RAID-10 Storage 10 TB Bandwidth /29 5 IPv4 Addresses 3 CPU Cores 100Mbps to 1Gbps Uplink Complete Root Access rDNS Supported $29.99/Month ORDER NOW 2) Intel Xeon E3-1240V3 - 16GB 16 GB RAM 400 GB RAID-10 Storage 10 TB...
  18. hostingmzd

    Dedicated Servers Starting from $20 Per Month with Hosting Mzd (No Setup or Additional Fee) 2018-11-25

    Hosting Mzd provides the best Dedicated Servers. Hosting Mzd's Pre-built Servers are made for those users who need an instant server and don’t want to wait to have Custom Built Server. Our Servers are most competitive in pricing and economical. We maintain high quality enterprise hardware at...
  19. HostColor

    HC - DEDICATED SERVERS: Intel Xeon E3-1230 - 16 GB RAM - 2 x 1TB HDD

    Thank you for taking some of your time to review our Midwest Dedicated Server Hosting offering. Bare-Metal Dedicated Server - Entry Level 1 x Intel Xeon E3-1230v5, 3.4 GHz (4 Cores) 1U Chassis - 2 x 3.5' HDD (Upgrade to 8 x 2.5' HDD available) 16 GB RAM 2 x 1 TB Enterprise HDD (RAID 0 or RAID...