[Turkey, ISTANBUL][2x E5-2650v2/E3-1230v3|32-64G|2xSSD500G|Unlimited BW|DDOS PROTECTION]

[Turkey, ISTANBUL][2x E5-2650v2/E3-1230v3|32-64G|2xSSD500G|Unlimited BW|DDOS PROTECTION] 2021-11-07

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Why Choosing Us?
Our DDoS Protection Features
  • Web interface access for check logs and change settings per IP
  • Email/SMS notification when you receive attack (You should credit for SMS notification)
  • Source IP, Destination IP, Source Ports, Destination Ports will be available in logs and you have access to them in the web interface
  • API Access
  • Protect up to +2Tbps without any limitation (Number of attacks or Attack Size)
  • Establish BGP Session Over GRE Tunnel
  • Establish a Tunnel with a closet location to your network!
  • Layer 7 Protection!
  • Announce any size of prefix you want!
  • Protection up to +2Tbps BPS / +2500M PPS
  • Layer 2 Connection is available in Istanbul, Bucharest
  • WHMCS Module (for show attack logs and alert to your customers)(Soon)
What locations and upstream carriers do we have ?
We have our own devices and types of equipment in the following locations in the best datacenters :

  • Turkey, Istanbul
  • Romania, Bucharest
  • Bulgaria, Sofia
  • USA, New York
  • UK, London

We are using the following carriers depends on the location:

  • TurkTelekom
  • GTT
  • LEVEL3
  • Core-Backbone
  • Voxility
  • XO Communications
  • AMS-IX (NL)
  • DE-CIX (Turkey)
  • Net-IX (Turkey)
  • Linx (London)
Who we are ?
In 2018 February Digiturunc Company was established in Istanbul city of Turkey with the targets of responding and providing professional services required by IT industry activists and all webmasters. This Company is formed by association of network, operating system and server experts and professional designers and programmers.

The politic of Digiturunc Company is to provide professional services with professional configures along with competitive price and high privacy. Moreover, with regard to the partnership of Cpanel, Plesk, Cloudlinux, WHMCS Companies presentation of all licenses with the ideal price is another target of the company.

In order to preserve the quality of network and hosting services, the private server and authorization of all the equipment of network and servers used by Digiturunc are owned by the company itself, therefore, the uptime and high quality provided services are guaranteed.
Digiturunc with the utilization of network team and 24 hours support responds to all of your questions and requisitions.
Payment Methods
Credit/Debit Card (ONLINE), Webmoney, Bitcoin(ONLINE), Wire Transfer (OFFLINE)
Available Locations
Turkey(ISTANBUL), Bulgaria(SOFIA), Netherlands(AMSTERDAM), USA(Texas)