1. DavidLux

    Content Marketing Ideas?

    Hello, I am working on my blog sites which is all about blogging, make money online. I am looking for few content marketing ideas for social media that would help my blogs speed up overall social media efforts. Would like to hear your advice.
  2. denvercardonations

    What CMS handle handle lots of content?

    My website has been up for 2 months, and I was getting error 508's, SQL errors, PHP timeout errors, etc. After weeks of my webhost blaming Joomla they sent me this: Hello John, We do understand your desire to have a website working flawlessly. That is what we, as the hosting company, are...
  3. freds86

    Best formulas to create viral content?

    I want to create viral content but most I failed that's because I don't have a good analytic before creating it. How to to create a successful viral content, should I focus on these points? Headline? Content length? Idea for a post? Or something else?
  4. johnyplex

    Any great content marketing books?

    Hey guys! Do you know or giving me any recommendations for awesome content marketing books? and why you chose them? Content marketing seems trending now and I am wanting to learn about it. Appreciate your suggestions!
  5. rainmaker11

    Do you write your own content or do you buy it?

    I like to write my own content most of the time but lately I have been really busy and I am wondering if I should hire someone that would help me with content or should I just continue to write it myself? If I want to buy content then where would be some good places to start and how to choose...
  6. lisa

    What do you think about quality content?

    Hey folks, In SEO and marketing world we usually to say "Content is King" but really just Quality Content is REALLY King? In your point of view, what is quality content on your blog or forum? What must a topic or post consist of to be called quality content? Please feel free to share...
  7. pcyownsme

    Time spent on content vs. time spent on marketing?

    I am sure every internet marketer has grappled with this question before, even if the answer only took a few seconds to discover: how much time do you spend on creating new content compared to the amount of time you spend promoting it or your site? Can you come up with a specific ratio? I know...
  8. yunarel

    Most important thing in content?

    In your point of view, what is the most important in content of any website or blog? Any thoughts?
  9. samimnoorzaitgc

    WTS Unique Content for your New Website/Blog

    samimnoorzaitgc submitted a new resource: Unique Content for your New Website/Blog - Unique Content for your New Website/Blog Read more about this resource...
  10. Hawker

    Can You Rank A Site Using Only Duplicate Content?

    Is it possible to rank a site using only duplicate content? Example, content found in article directories like EA or on other blogs etc that you post to the site. I mean article directories are there for that very reason so that webmasters could have some content. I know Internet Ethics...
  11. Maxoq

    Have you ever had a bad experience with a content writer?

    Have you ever had a bad experience when you hired a writer to write content for your blogs or websites? For instance, the content they created for you turned out to be plagiarized? I've hired some writers before and for some writers, I had to require them to fix and edit paragraphs because it...
  12. brettek

    How many pages of content can you create every day?

    When creating blogs posts for your blogs or other article sharing sites, how many pages of content can you create every day? Do you always strive to create the same number of pages daily, just to keep in the habit?
  13. backlinksbooster

    WTS Unique Quality Private PR Blog Posting Service with 100% Unique Content!

    backlinksbooster submitted a new resource: Unique Quality Private PR Blog Posting Service with 100% Unique Content! - Unique Quality Private PR Blog Posting Service with 100% Unique Content! Read more about this resource...
  14. Harry P

    The importance of high-quality content for SEO?

    What is the importance of high-quality content for SEO? Does it play an important role in SEO if you have quality unique content for your blog articles or websites? Please share your thoughts.
  15. aceofadsense

    Good tips for writing better content?

    I need some help creating better content, such as generating ideas, formatting and other content creation matters. What are your best tips?
  16. rainmaker11

    What kind of content Google likes?

    Do you guys know what kind of content Google likes? why? For me, I think they were blog posts or guides on websites
  17. TausifAlHossain

    Webpage Content and Web2.0 Content are same! Is it harmful for rank or not?

    Guys, I need help. I have a question! I have a webpage and content is unique. And the webpage already got good rank. But I want better than present. Now, my question is if I use the same content without changing any single word for creating 50+ web2.0 then is it helpful for my rank? Or it will...
  18. mermaidmedia

    How to build Trust using content marketing?

    The part of the process of building trust is sharing, promoting and engaging with your audience through forums and blogs? If someone asks a question or comments, respond to them. This shows that you are a helpful person with alot of support and great information, its good way to go in building trust
  19. trustdnb

    Do you really need great content for Facebook marketing?

    I have read more post mentioned about great content can help you improve your Facebook marketing campaigns or increasing engagements for your post (likes, shares and comments), Is it true? If I am not a good writer, I should hire a content writer for this job or doing according to my way...
  20. lkovnih226

    Selling a domain name with or without content?

    What is your opinion, what should I do when selling a domain name with our without content? which is easy to offer domain name to buyers? Should I create with a small website on it or some landing pages and starting offers?