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  1. CertaHosting

    Premium SSD web hosting | Daily Back ups | LiteSpeed | CloudLinux | Spam Experts | Lets Encrypt 2019-05-30

    Don’t worry about cPanel web hosting restrictions, with Certa, unlimited cPanel web hosting means unlimited cPanel web hosting and you’ll have full control of every aspect of your web hosting account. We’ve invested in the infrastructure of our UK site, which means the customer cPanel is as...
  2. SwiftModders

    Moving from VPS to Cloud Hosting: Questions

    Hi All, I'm considering a move from my current VPS hosting solution to a cloud-based hosting provider. I'm looking at about a $20 a month savings if I switch (which is attractive), but I also want to increase security and performance. Right now my VPS solution utilizes LiteSpeed and I have my...
  3. HostColor

    Cloud Hosting - 1 CPU Core - 2GB RAM from $20/month 2019-02-24

    Thank your time. Prove that quality and service provider’s commitment matter to you! HCE does real, enterprise level Cloud Servers with High Availability, powered by VMware Cloud computing platform.
  4. Dr. McKay

    Amazon EC2 vs Google Cloud Hosting?

    Which is better? Amazon EC2 or Google Cloud Hosting? I would like to know any comparisons about prices, performance, speed, what hosting control panel should I install on these platforms?
  5. hostingmzd

    Offering Cloud Hosting with 30 Day Money Back Guarantee Just in $4.99 Per Month

    hostingmzd submitted a new product: Offering Cloud Hosting with 30 Day Money Back Guarantee Just in $4.99 Per Month - Introducing Cloud Hosting with Hepsia Control Panel Read more about this product...
  6. hostingmzd

    Offering Cloud Hosting with 30 Day Money Back Guarantee Just in $4.99 Per Month 2018-12-14

    INTRODUCING CLOUD SITE Our revolutionary cloud is powerful, simple, and surprisingly. Harnessing the web has never been easier! Cloud web hosting infrastructure is designed for high performance storage, consisting maximum memory along with clearly resource confinement, Our latest technology...
  7. truongap

    [HostNewbie Xmas Sales] UP to 70% OFF Cloud Web Hosting - SSD + LiteSpeed Cache + DDOS Protection 2018-12-24

    To celebrate Christmas, we have a really BIG PROMOTION for all old and new customers. Use FHXMAS18O to get 70% OFF first payment (annually) or get 50% OFF LIFETIME (quarterly, annually) with this code FHXMAS18L. Do NOT miss it. Sales will end in Dec 26. NEWBIE ($2/month) 10 GB Storage 1...
  8. Marcus_SM

    Cloud Hosting in Switzerland

    Marcus_SM submitted a new product: Cloud Hosting in Switzerland - High-availability VMware-powered solution will all-flash SSD storage and free DDoS protection Read more about this product...
  9. Marcus_SM

    Cloud Hosting in Switzerland 2018-11-08

    SWISSMADE.HOST is a privacy-focused Swiss cloud hosting provider that is located both legally and physically in Switzerland - the country that is renowned for its strict laws and regulations on privacy and data protection. We host our servers and network equipment at an ultra-secure...
  10. reddyash

    Cheapest Cloud Hosting Plans >> 1 Host Web

    reddyash submitted a new product: Cheapest Cloud Hosting Plans >> 1 Host Web - Best Cloud Hosting Plans Read more about this product...
  11. reddyash

    Cheapest Cloud Hosting Plans >> 1 Host Web 2018-11-06

    Get your very own cloud and get extra storage and backup space with our powerful cloud hosting solution. Our basic package comes with ample storage space, multiple email accounts, and significant email storage space. 1. Personal Cloud with Unlimited Web Space & Bandwidth, 2 CPU cores, Host 1...
  12. HostColor


    HCE is a trust web hosting provider since 2004. We are a VMware VSPP. Your data data, hosted on an our enterprise class Storage Area Network (SAN) is protected with a built-in protection that safeguards the information under any circumstances without performance impact.
  13. cloudwagons

    100% Uptime Guaranteed | Full SSD OpenVZ & KVM VPS + Free Control Panel | For $10 2018-11-01

    CloudWagons is a Group of Company. We are providing Web Hosting services since 2015. With CloudWagons We offering Cloud Hosting Products. Proudly We can provide 10% Uptime VPS in OpenVZ & KVM Virtulization Technologies.
  14. exa-edward

    SGD5/month to get SSD VPS 2018-09-05

    50% Off Promo!!! It is LIMITED TIME OFFER Grab it before is too late:
  15. Unisecure

    What is cloud hosting?

    What is cloud hosting? and what are the advantages?
  16. 24x7serverman

    Challenges pose by Cloud Hosting Providers to Traditional hosting providers ?

    There is a shift of more and more customers moving towards cloud hosting providers like AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and DigitalOcean ? Is it because of pricing factors? Are clients happy to pay more for cloud hosting services? Or is it because of better-equipped hardware and technologies...
  17. HostColor

    HC - HIGH PERFORMANCE CLOUD WEBSITES - Fault-Tolerant SSD Storage - from $4.99/mo 2018-06-15

    All Shared Hosting (Virtual Hosting) plans are hosted on Cloud Computing instances, which are dynamically scalable and their resources can be increased based on our clients demands. Your data is hosted on a fault-tolerant Storage Area Network (SAN) with built-in protection that safeguards the...
  18. MilesWeb

    [MilesWeb] Fast & Secure Cloud Hosting for your Growing Business | Try for Free. No Credit Card Req.

    MilesWeb submitted a new product: [MilesWeb] Fast, Secure & Scalable Cloud | Pay As You Go Pricing - Cloud hosting for startups and web developers. Try it free. Read more about this product...
  19. HostColor

    CLOUD-based SSD WEB HOSTING w/ Fault-Tolerant Storage - from $4.99/mo 2018-05-03

    Fault-Tolerant Storage Area Network (SAN): Your data is hosted on an enterprise class, fault-tolerant Storage Area Network (SAN), build with enterprise grade SATA and SDD storage. Our SANs have built-in protection that safeguards the information under any circumstances without performance...
  20. Host Sailor

    25% OFF HostSailor KVM - OpenVZ- XEN- 1Gbps - Romania -Netherlands - Free support

    HostSailor has established itself as a trusted provider of high quality VPS Hosting, Shared Hosting, Dedicated servers, Domains, and SSL Certificates with top notch support and impeccable reputation and also offers some of the most competitive pricing, without sacrificing on the quality of the...