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  1. S

    Need help with finding best tools for my website

    Hi all! I'm a little confused by the amount of information, so please help. I have a website for my store, it's quite small, I made it myself with the help of a website builder... Now I want to add something to the website, and I realized that I need to choose plugins. Guys, there are too many...
  2. Efe Agbontaen

    Website Development & Mobile App Development Services | Payment Plans Available

    FincoApps is renowned for being one of the best Website and Mobile App Development companies in Africa. We believe everyone has the right to Professional and High IT services regardless of pocket size and that is why we have made our services very affordable with pocket-friendly payment plans...
  3. Marc0

    What is external Style Sheet? How to link?

    I am building a Big website that will have many pages and folders. I have 1 style sheet. How do I add the style sheet to "ALL" of these folders? I didnt have this problem before I started to put the pages in SEPARATE folders. Now that each page has its own folder it no longer reads my style...
  4. Marc0

    What are the differences between PHP3 and PHP4 and PHP5 ?

    I'm a new to the PHP thing. I want to try to setup my server to handle PHP3 and PHP4 requests easily. e.g. I have some scripts that are PHP3 and want to start learning PHP4. Instead of doing the simple (like anything I do is simple URL ) thing, I am attempting to set up apache to support MySQL...
  5. Marc0

    How To implement Payment Gateway In PHP

    I am new to implement payment gateway in PHP. I want to implement the Payment Gateway in PHP On my website. How I will get the source code or Forms to implement it. Please help me for that. Thanks in advance.
  6. Dmoz

    Website development by building landing pages

    Landing pages are created only focus on one type of content, products or services, so the construction is quite simple. And you should only choose one or at best two keyword for one page landing page. In addition, when promoting your website, many people focus on promoting home page, home page...
  7. R

    WTS Joomla Website Development company

    Rosenalisa submitted a new resource: Joomla Website Development company - Joomla Website Development company Read more about this resource...
  8. H

    SMS component to Joomla

    I need sms component for Joomla to send automatic sms to my website users in case of each login. They will get a registration code on their phone that they need to enter at website login. I found an OzekiSMS module to joomla ([/url] ... e-134.html) which will be...
  9. pramod

    Why to Develop A Website?

    Why to Develop A Website? Can superior Website Development now be the disparity between triumph and collapse of business? Does a website act as an essential stride towards better business receptivity? Here are the answers in the below article to the above questions: Why To Develop A Website...
  10. Jackony

    PHP vs .NET, Which languages are best for website development ?

    Hi, According to you, at the moment. PHP vs .NET, Which languages are best for website development ? Any comments ?