1. AlbaHost

    Vestacp got hacked/vulnerable

    Secure your servers before is too late, more about: Cheers.
  2. TheCompWiz

    Setup DNS on Vesta Control Panel?

    I clicked on DNS tab in Vesta CP but couldn't clarify how to create my own DNS like -> -> Can any one share any tips?
  3. Rand al'Thor

    The Path of Configuration Files to Optimize Vesta Control Panel

    After installed Vesta control panel, you can use it immediately. However, to operate VPS stability then Vesta control panel needs to be optimized, you can reset the default parameters of Vesta with the configuration file below: Configuration file path and log on RHEL and CentOS Configuration...
  4. Rand al'Thor

    How to install Vesta Control Panel on your VPS/Server

    You can install the OS on Vesta CP as: CentOS 5, CentOS 6, Ubuntu LTS, Ubuntu 13:04, 13:10 Ubuntu, Debian 7, RHEL 5, RHEL 6. When using Vesta CP, you will automatically install all the packages needed to be able to manage and use the VPS immediately. For example, Web Server, DNS Server...