1. A

    Issues while configuring the site URL and its redirection problems

    Need help from htaccess experts and Wordpress gurus. My problem: My website is abc.com Wordpress is installed in /wordpress folder 1) If anyone requests abc.com in the browser, it automatically forwards to 'abc.com/wordpress'. This is done using htaccess file and the website homepage opens...
  2. M

    Trailing Slash added to my url on CPanel

    Good day, I have no clue about CPanel, but I need to fix something about it. The problem is this... if I for instance type this URL: xxx/safari For a brief moment it adds a trailing slash, like this: xxx/safaris/ Before it redirects (301) This causes issues with SEO How can I fix this? I use...
  3. techteacherdebashree

    It is impossible to change rank math plugin. what can I do?

    Due to 3 times url changing, when I click on the link , showing This page isn’t working. It is impossible to change rank math plugin,what can I do?
  4. Kaz Wolfe

    Forum or Forums in URL?

    I want to move my forum running at root domain to sub folder like this mydomain.com to mydomain.com/forum or mydomain.com/forums but i don't know which one is better name, forum or forums? which one is suitable to you and correct?