1. AlpineHost

    Which cryptocurrency module works best on WHMCS?

    Hi all. We want to implement a cryptocurrency payment system for our customers. Thing is, there are literally hundreds of of them out there. We are looking for the most reliable, and one that covers most cryptocurrencies, and that can also facilitate immediate exchange. Are there any other...
  2. fiz

    Mass/Bulk Promo Codes - WHMCS Addon 1

    Mass Promo Codes provides you an ability to generate mass promo codes in your WHMCS. Not only that, this add-on comes with more features. Generate Mass Promo Codes Export Generated Promo Codes Add Prefix and/or Suffix to Generated Promo Codes Import Promo Codes Add Prefix & Suffix to Imported...
  3. T

    whmcs and modulegarden solusvm module

    i am using module garden solusvm module but when i add (configerable option) Location and add node like 10|ny 11|La |13|da it give the error Order Accept Encountered Problems Invalid node group (ID 11) Please guide me Thanks
  4. postcd

    From time to time i see error: FATAL: Module ip_tables not found.

    Hello, on my OpenVZ VPS i am getting similar iptables error from time to time (maybe like once per month(not regularly, randomly) while cronjob initiating iptables runs like every 5 minutes) the command used is iptables -L INPUT --line-numbers So it is not permanent error, but rather error...
  5. MooseLucifer

    How to Install Sentastico Module in Sentora Web Hosting Control Panel

    Cpanel has Softaculous Apps Installer then Sentora has Sentastico module, automatically install applications series with just a few clicks. Sentastico supports many applications, including a number of popular names, such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, phpBB, PrestaShop, Magento ... You can view...
  6. C

    WTS Free Extension for Virtuemart- Horizontal log-in module

    cmsmart submitted a new resource: Free Extension for Virtuemart- Horizontal log-in module - Free Extension for Virtuemart- Horizontal log-in module Read more about this resource...