1. amanwaa

    Get Unlimited .gov Links - Google Search Trick

    Don't waste your time or money to build quality .gov links. Google does it for free. Just follow these simple steps and you will get unlimited free .gov links. Use this search operator: site:edu "Uncategorized" site:edu "Notify me of follow-up comments by email." If you love this please...
  2. Mjlivera

    Why are dofollow links important in SEO?

    I read more articles on blogs and forums, everyone said that dofollow links important for your keywords to get good rankings on Google but it is jut effective for Google, what about other search engines? does it still work for other search engines?.
  3. Kaz Wolfe

    Should I change from nofollow to dofollow links on my forum?

    I have developed a forum, it has 1000+ members and 8500 posts, all links from members are set as nofollow and I going to change from nofollow to dofollow to attract new members come to post on my forums and having dofollow links in their signature, i think it is one of benefits for members. But...
  4. David Beroff

    Are internal links really important for SEO?

    Hi everyone, I want to create many internal links between posts on my blog posts, that will consume more time but if it will help SEO then it is a worth investement. Do you think that internal links will help SEO or not? can it improve SEO rankings?
  5. DaRecordon

    What are the best plugins for tracking links in WordPress?

    I am using Wordpress for my blogs and I want to setup a tracking link for my blog post so that I can know how many clicks, impressions or views will come from other sites that I putted links on them. Does it have a plugin for this task? if yes then what are the best plugins for tracking links in...
  6. jyy

    Googles Stance on Paid Links and Guest Posting

    It's pretty much old news that Google hates paid links. Nonetheless, it seems like guest posting would fall in that category. However, though, it does not, and in fact, there is a huge market for guest posting which is literally the "new paid link market". Anyway, the whole thing about...
  7. gifthoy

    How to build links from quality sites

    I stumbled on a thinking this morning about building link from other quality sites of same niche this way hope it will work out, I thought about creating a list of posts concerning those quality sites, Post like best 20 SEO sites or blogs, Then list them on your post and talk about this...
  8. lkovnih226

    Link Juice and Outbound Links?

    I have read posts on the forum and some are saying that "no outbound links" because we would lose "link juice". Is this true? What do you think about outbound links? Do you use outbound links on your pages?
  9. denvercardonations

    This might seem like an amateur question...but do "alt" tags on ahref links help?

    ....or am I wasting lots of time putting alt="xxxxxxxxxxxx' inside every it like adding meta keywords into pages, which Google ignores?
  10. Harry P

    Best ways to place affiliate links in Youtube videos?

    I have just created a video for Youtube, in order to promote my an Amazon affiliate product. I am going to place my affiliate links down in the description box of the video to direct potential customers to my site if they want to buy the product. But I don't know whether to place the link...
  11. denvercardonations

    I have a question about domain names and incoming links

    I have noticed that domain names with lots of inbound links get squatted on. But, doesn't Google somehow "remove" the power or relevance of the incoming links if the links have been broken for too long? I sold my JohninJapan website awhile back, but the travel agency that bought it preserved...
  12. Nemanja

    Text links vs image links, which is more valuable for SEO?

    As title mentioned, I would like to hear you SEO guys' opinions here about value of image links vs text links. Which is better? why?
  13. Hawker

    Does block affiliate links from being used/shortened?

    I usually use over other URL shortners because of its Analytics that it provides also. I swear I've been able to use it for all sorts of things in the past. But is it just me or just recently have you found that it's blocking some affiliate links from being shortened? I'm trying...
  14. expmrb

    What not to do while building Links !!

    This post was published originally in our forum. I just wanted to share it with the members of this forum also so I am sharing a short version here. "This question I am hearing from many website owners that 'What not to do while building a Link'. Often site admins left with spamming their own...
  15. Dakoom

    Yoast SEO (WP) and links in keywords

    In Yoast SEO when you have a link in your keyword into the article you get a message that says to remove that link or the "article/page will not be indexed". Is this true? Why? Is there a specific reason for this?
  16. rohan941

    How important is outbound links (OBL) for SEO?

    I've heard of people saying that too many OBL can interfere with the link juice and you can not have over 100 OBL, is this true?
  17. samimnoorzaitgc

    Shorten Links and Earn Money, is it possible?

    I've tried many similar sites and left them before I reach the minimum of $5 cause I can't really trust them. Do they really pay? How can someone pay you for nothing!? I don't believe that people advertise their website on a link shortening site, If they even do, it can be enough to pay us and...
  18. Marc0

    Does Google consider nofollow links when ranking a site?

    Who said that "nofollow" links are not help in SEO ranking or it was official announcement from Google? Do you think that just the organic natural link and dofollow links are considered as helping in SEO? How many percents of "nofollow" and "dofollow" of a site is good for SEO?
  19. Developer

    Swipes, Banners or Links ???

    Being an avid affiliate marketer, I am curious to know what others feel is the best (or better) promotional material to use or even to offer to your own affiliates? Do you do better with Email Swipes? Banners? or Plain Links? More importantly, what converts better for you? Please note, I am...
  20. markjonson

    WTB Need High Quality Links

    markjonson submitted a new resource: Need High Quality Links - Need High Quality Links Read more about this resource...