1. leoandrew

    Which Windows Operating System version recommended for my old laptop?

    My old Samsung Laptop has Intel Celeron 2 cores 1.10ghz max speed of processor with only 2gb of ram. I'm thinking to reformat it to make it better and faster if can, but I'm not sure if Windows 10 can make a difference here, currently, it has a 64bit Windows 8.0 installed and somehow I can't...
  2. Gen.fudd

    Laptop brand?

    Can anyone help me which brand and model of laptop would you suggest. I am looking for a laptop that is not too expensive, but does pretty good and may last long.
  3. Liliana

    Laptop or PC, which is better for work?

    I'm using a PC 20 inches for my work, I'm going to change its screen to a bigger one, like 28 inches. But I thought about buying a Laptop, it can more convenient for my work when I go out I work at a cafe internet...etc what types of computer are you using, Laptop or PC? and in...