1. Chris Worner

    Should I change to a new server on Hetzner?

    I bought a Hetzner server 3 years ago, so now I want to buy a server with better specifications but with same price, should I do that or still keep using the old server? I suppose the current server is pretty old and should update to a new one, right? Can anyone give me an advice?
  2. Dopani

    Hetzner Price increase because of Energy prices?

    I got an email from Hetnzer, they will increase price my server for next period, I do not agree with this because my my server can become more expensive. What can I do? Does anyone got same issue with me?
  3. David Beroff

    Alternatives to Hetzner auction?

    I visited Hetzner and just auction section is attracted me by its price and server specs but they have don't have US location which I think it is a disadvantage if compared to other competitors. What are alternatives to Hetzner auction you would suggest to check and buy servers with cheap price...
  4. Dr. McKay

    How to pay upfront in Hetzner?

    I have purchased a dedicated server in Hetzner and I paid for a month, but I don't see any options to pay upfront for 3 months or 6 months. I contacted them but no answer. Does anyone know how to create invoices to pay them more than 1 month?
  5. DaRecordon

    Are dedicated servers in Hetzner auction good?

    I want to buy a dedicated server in Hetzner auction with HDD disk but not sure what performance for my website when running on a server with HDD disk. I cold not go with SSD because its price is higher than my budget (from $35+). Are dedicated servers in Hetzner auction good? Can anyone tell me...
  6. R

    dedicated server like hetzner for erotic

    Hi, Can you recommended to me the server in EU like dedicated server in hetzner. Price about 45 eur. I was want buy server in hetzner, but they a not allow erotic pics. Thx!
  7. Hetzner_Online

    What are you doing for Sysadmin Day?

    Today is Sysadmin Day, I made a cake to thank all our sysadmins at Hetzner! Like many projects, it went over time and over budget, and it was more tough that I originally planned, and it didn't look exactly like my original design. But it was all worth it when I brought it into work and saw...
  8. djsmiley2k

    Hetzner reset root password?

    I have a server at Hetzner but today I tried to login into root account but I realize that I forgot root password. How to reset passwork for myself or do I need to contact Hetzner for this?
  9. Maxoq

    Leaseweb vs Hetzner?

    I was recommended by a person on the forum to Leaseweb and Hetzner hosting plans but I have not ever used both. Does anyone have experience with these providers? please give me your thoughts about them.
  10. Kaz Wolfe

    Hetzner Auction?

    Do you believe in severs are being offered in Hetzner auction are good enough to use for websites. How do they compare with online.net because online.net is also offering dedicated server with good prices.
  11. BillEssley

    Soyoustart seedbox? or Hetzner?

    Hi guys, my question is which is better for seedbox, Soyoustart or Hetzner? as a comparison then Hetzner has 200 Mbps guaranteed bandwidth with 20TB/month for upload but SoyouStart has 250 Mbps guaranteed bandwidth for upload with unlimited traffic. I need someone explain me which to choose?
  12. David Beroff

    Contabo or Hetzner?

    Any one used web hosting services from Contabo? If yes then how it can compare with Hetzner? any comments?
  13. Dr. McKay

    Hetzner vs OVH

    One of my clients wanted to upgrade from a VPS on Linode to a dedicated server and I recommended him Hetzner and OVH but I don't know which one is better. I read around on this forum and seem everyone is recommending OVH more than Hetzner. Is that correct? anyone used both, please give me your...
  14. dnsme

    Linux and Windows SSD and HDD VPS Servers - OVH & Hetzner

    dnsme submitted a new resource: Linux and Windows SSD and HDD VPS Servers - OVH & Hetzner - Linux and Windows SSD and HDD VPS Servers - OVH & Hetzner Read more about this resource...
  15. Bryan McClure

    OVH or Hetzner Dedicated Server?

    These providers are offering good features on their dedicated servers and low prices. Should I try OVH or Hetzner dedicated server?
  16. BillEssley

    Online.net vs Hetzner

    I read about these hosting providers on this forum, both have good price and features. In your point of view, which one should I choose, Online.net vs Hetzner?