bounce rate

  1. T

    How to Install CloudFlare plugin on cPanel server

    Hii, How can i install cloudflare plugin on cpanel server, any please help with your thoughts.
  2. G

    How to reduce bounce rate?

    My hosting site bounce rate is above 70. what type of steps do I need to do? please suggest your ideas
  3. Emilio

    What have you done to reduce bounce rate?

    Have any of you effectively reduced your bounce rate? We are currently at 52-55%, down from the 66% when we have published long articles. Some things I was thinking may help, they are long articles, can keep readers stay longer on our site. Any other things you guys have done?
  4. Devin Holdcraft

    Why bounce rate of a site so important in SEO?

    Hi, I often hangout here to read SEO news but seem it has no info about relationship between SEO and bounce rate. I want to know why bounce rate of a site so important in SEO or not? Can anyone tell me?
  5. markdenz

    4% Bounce Rate normal?

    guys is a 4% bounce rate normal is anyone getting that kind over here?
  6. laurence

    Is high bounce rate bad for SEO?

    I am hearing that if my site has high bounce rate then it can decrease rankings my site on SERPs, is that true? if so, why? Your suggestions would be appreciated.
  7. HomeBiz

    How many percent of bounce rate should be good?

    Hi everyone, I want to know how many percent of bounce rate for a website should be good? and why?
  8. LazyRiches

    What should your website's bounce rate be good?

    Doe anyone know about bounce rate? how many percent should this rate be good? and how can you improve that - improve quality of the content, design, website template or something else?
  9. DPrat

    Advanced & Strategic Bounce Rate Research & Analysis can help your website drive more money to your

    We all have came across the term Bounce Rate during our course to our site's performance's analysis. But, do you all know Bounce Rate is one of the most crucial part of any website, which helps us (website owners) to take important decisions which can make our website far better for our visitors...