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Unlock Earning Potential with Affiliate Program

Hello again!

I appreciate the interest and engagement on the initial post. I realized I missed out on sharing information about two more affiliate programs we have in place. These programs offer alternative ways to partner with us, catering to different needs and preferences.

Explore both programs here:

1. Affiliation through Tracking ID:

With this method, the link you promote on your blog or website contains a unique identification code exclusively assigned to you. This enables us to track new users that register through your link. You can obtain this link from our platform.

2. Affiliation through Referrer:

Instead of using an affiliate link with a tracking ID, we track clients on our site by their referrer (the domain they come from). This process is more discreet and remains unseen by the user. To use this method, simply add your domain to our list of accepted domains. Afterward, you'll need to modify your DNS records and await domain validation. Once validated, you can promote any link that directs users to our online store.

For every new user you refer, you'll earn a reward on their first three orders. You'll receive a generous 25% commission of their order amount.

Thank you for your continued interest and for allowing us the opportunity to further clarify our affiliate offerings. Should you have any questions or need assistance, I'm here to help!