[CZ] Unmanaged VPS server - Light

[CZ] Unmanaged VPS server - Light 2019-06-03

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Why Choosing Us?
MyDreams VPS servers is a project of experienced professionals. We run secure hosting without unnecessary restrictions. VPS servers and special server hosting solutions and many other above-standard hosting services. Thanks to our long-lasting experience with VPS servers, dedicated servers and clouds, we can effectively reduce the overall cost of running companies’ IT infrastructure.
Take the offer of the powerful VPS server on KVM virtualization that provides a full-featured virtualization environment for your projects. VPS server is designed for anyone for whom the efficiency or capacity of classical webhosting is not sufficient, or needs a special server setup.

  • KVM Virtualization (Kernel-based Virtual Machine)
  • Guaranteed memory 3 GB RAM
  • Guaranteed place on physical disc, Systém + Data 20GB
  • Guaranteed CPU 2.6 GHz
  • CentOS 7
  • VNC/Spice remote display
  • Emails on the hosting server Free of charge
  • Unmanaged, root access
  • Free on request MyDreams Watcher(Read only monitoring)
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • No data backup
  • Configuration suitable for email marketing or VPN server too.
11 USD/month

Payment Methods
Paypal, Bankwire, Bitcoin, Credit Card
Available Locations
Czech Republic
Billing and Guarantee
Monthly, quarterly, or annual payments
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