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Business Email Hosting as low as start from price $3.99 2018-05-31

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Why Choosing Us?
Daily Full Backups
Enjoy peace of mind with daily backups by our EXP engineers.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee
Enterprise hardware and redundant network ensure high uptime.

Ad-free and private
Your account is private and ad-free — forever. Our Guaranteed!

Device-aware Webmail
The easy to use Webmail is optimized for any mobile devices you may use.

Calendar, Contacts, Tasks
Get enterprise level productivity at a fraction of the costs!

Enterprise-grade email server
All our server hardware are certified enterprise grade.

SSL for Webmail Access
A secure connection is in place when your access webmail.

Spam and Virus protection
Keep your inbox safe and organized with the built-in anti-spam.
  • 20GB Storage per user
  • SmarterMail 15x Webmail
  • Enhanced Anti Spam
  • Exchange ActiveSync
  • Shared Calendars, Tasks, Contacts
  • ActiveSync for Mobile Devices included
The easy-to-use EBiz Mail PRO’s webmail interface provides instant access to your email and more from your favorite web browser!

Desktop/Mobile Sync
EBiz Mail PRO seamlessly syncs across mobile devices, tablets and desktop applications for maximized flexibility.

Team collaboration
Share your contacts, calendars, tasks and notes with anyone in your company, department or organization.
Payment Methods
Online banking, Visa/Master Card, Paypal, Cash
Billing and Guarantee
Billing address :

Guarantee : 100-Day Full Money-Back Guarantee, 99.5% Server Uptime Guarantee and 99.9% Network Uptime Guarantee
Frequently Asked Questions
What is Email Hosting?
An email hosting service is a web hosting service that operates email servers, focus to businesses owner that rely on emails as their main focus of communication. Exabytes offers Premium Business email hosting plans that allow you to have your own personalized email from your own domain name.

Who should sign up for EBiz Mail PRO - business email?
EBiz Mail PRO – business email is specially designed for business users who deal with heavy usage of emails. It is a great choice if highly reliable email is a crucial need in your business daily operation and you are not ready to get a dedicated server.

Why should I choose EBiz Mail Pro - Business email? How does it compare to shared hosting email that offers cheaper price?
Prices for shared hosting email are usually more affordable due to sharing of resources on each server. As a result, users can experience slow email access when usage is high among all the shared users.
However, for EBiz Mail PRO business email, only less than 40 domains will be hosted on a single server. The less shared users, the better the performance.

Can I create more email accounts than what is allowed?
No, the number of email accounts allowed for each plan is fixed. If you need more email accounts, please feel free to contact us.

Do I need to have any knowledge to manage the email server?
No. Our professional support team will take care of your EBiz Mail PRO – business email server.

Can I do mass mailing with my EBiz Mail Pro - premium business email ?
Mass mailing is not recommended as it can cause unexpected burden to the server, which in turn lead to slow response/email access to you and other users. For mass mailing of marketing emails, we recommend Ebuzzzz Email Marketing Services.

Where are EBiz Mail PRO - Premium Business Hosting servers hosted at?
Our servers are hosted in Denver Data Center, US

Do you provide any guarantee?
Yes. We provide 100-Day Full Money-Back Guarantee, 99.5% Server Uptime Guarantee and 99.9% Network Uptime Guarantee.

How long have you been in business?
We have been in the web hosting business since 2001. Over the past years, our services have been recognized by numerous awards and accolades.

I need more than email accounts than what are provided for the current EBiz Mail PRO plans. Do you provide higher number of email accounts?
Yes. You may click Here or talk with our Live Chat Agent.
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  1. Business Email Hosting as low as start from price $3.99!! Limited time offer!!

    Business Email Hosting as low as start from price $3.99!! Limited time offer!!