75% OFF ⚡️ 100% Fully MANAGED Virtual Servers | FREE Domain | Fast Setup!

75% OFF ⚡️ 100% Fully MANAGED Virtual Servers | FREE Domain | Fast Setup! 01042020

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Why Choosing Us?

12 Core Processor @ 3.30-4.50GHz​


800GB HDD or 400GB SSD​

Unmetered Bandwidth​
100% Fully-managed​

Only $23.53/ PER Month

We are dedicated to providing you with the best experience possible. With 21 years of hosting experience and nearly 100 years of employee combined hosting experience, we focus on successful sites for web designers, developers, bloggers and online businesses. Our community and support helps you create a website fast and easy!

Guaranteed you WON’T find this ANYWHERE else

30 Minuet Response, or Free Service - We guarantee that you’ll receive a response time within 30 minutes or less to your support inquiry. If we ever fall short of this promise to you, we’ll credit your account with a FREE month of service for every minuet over!

100% Uptime, or Free Service - We guarantee that to provide your server with 100% uptime guarantee. If we ever fall short of this agreement to you, we’ll credit you a FREE month of service for each hour of downtime.

Compensation to Control Panel installations – No matter the control panel you choose; cPanel/WHM, DirectAdmin, InterWorx, we’ll give your server the extra space to compensate the installation. So no matter which plan you choose, you no longer need to worry about control panel resource consumption.

Quarterly Customer Benefits - We love what we do -- we mean it. Get free months of service, just for being with us! This is our way of simply saying thank you! NO OTHER PROVIDER OFFERS THIS!!

UnidenHosting is a company that stands 100% behind its product. It’s no wonder why we offer you the best in-class hosting services since 1998 and serve over 500,000 actual customers. We have real offices (not virtual offices) and we’re a real operating private corporate company with zero debt and zero investors. We also back our service with a any-time money back promise on selected services!
At a Glance

  • ✓ High-Availability Enabled Cloud
  • ✓ Super Fast & High IOPS SSD Disks
  • ✓ 100% Network Uptime
  • ✓ Guaranteed CPU & RAM Resources
  • ✓ 1Gbps Internet Connectivity on Each Node
  • ✓ 100% DDoS Protected Network
  • ✓ Choice of Different Linux Distributions
  • ✓ Fully Managed
  • ✓ Install Your Own OS
  • ✓ 2 Dedicated IPv4. We provide IPv6 (on request)
  • ✓ Secure Shell Access (SSH)
  • ✓ SSD Storage
  • ✓ Nginx or Apache
  • ✓ Root Privileges
  • ✓ Recovery Mode
  • ✓ Snapshot Create and Restore
  • ✓ SFTP Support
  • ✓ Weekly Backups
  • ✓ Dedicated Resources
  • ✓ One-click OS reinstall

Compensation to Control Panel installations

No matter the control panel you choose; cPanel/WHM, DirectAdmin, InterWorx, we’ll give your server the extra space to compensate the installation. So no matter which plan you choose or the control panel you choose. You no longer need to worry about resource consumption.

DDoS Protected Servers

All our servers come with free 2 Gbps DDoS protection and custom DDoS protection rules to protect against 0 day attacks. Clients can order up to 500 Gbps protection anytime.

Most Popular Control Panel

Extensive experience in the web hosting field has allowed cPanel to create a management platform with all the utilities you need in shared hosting. The organized layout will ensure that everything is right where it needs to be, while providing several beautiful themes to choose from. Moreover, cPanel hosting will give you the tools to help increase your website speed, security and spam control.

Port Traffic Graph

Get detailed bandwidth information for both incoming and outgoing traffic on the server port. See total bandwidth usage by day, hour, week and month. You can also view currently rate for incoming and outgoing traffic.

Full Control

All VPS hosting plans provide root access with the ability to change anything your heart desires. Need to edit a server side setting or increase a certain limitation? No problem! Access your server securely via SSH and make it happen.

Full SSD Storage

Quick and reliable SSD drives are implemented on all VPS hosting servers. This ensures the reliability of any website and that it loads for visitors at lightning speed. Get the most out of virtual private servers with UnidenHosting!

Reliable and Secure

Since VPS hosting grants root access, you’ll be able to set up various security measures. Want to implement CloudFlare, or perhaps a firewall? No problem! Weekly backups will also ensure the safety and integrity of your server.

Dedicated Resources

VPS hosting dedicates all resources to you and no one else. As a comparison, shared hosting users use the same resource pool allocated to the server. Thus, Linux VPS hosting will grant you greater independence and freedom when it comes to resource distribution.

Power Packs

Power Packs give you additional peace of mind. Specify your server to handle your regular load, and allow a Power Pack to step in when things get busy. Power Packs double your server power (RAM and vCPU) on demand, provide unlimited bandwidth and include free server density monitoring.

Full Backups

To prevent any file loss, we include automatic weekly backups with all VPS hosting plans. You will also have the ability to create VPS snapshots manually and restore them in case anything goes wrong. Keep your data safe with UnidenHosting!
UnidenHosting offers High Performance, Enterprise Level, Fully Managed Virtual Private Servers on a stable, multi-homed network that covers Colorado Springs, Denver, San Jose, Seattle, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Secaucus, Chicago, Ashburn, Sao Paulo, Mumbai, Singapore, Taipei, Tokyo, Gravelines, Strasbourg, Sydney, Johannesburg, London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Barcelona.

Our Virtual Servers are super fast and our High-IOPS SSD disks brings you a new experience of virtual services. We have implemented innovative ordering and deployment procedure which gives you access to customize and build your servers with no efforts! Getting your application up and running in just a few seconds! Our high-availability enabled platform also helps you maximize uptime and availability.


What's the deal?

Today's special covers locations for Colorado Springs, Denver, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Amsterdam and London. All locations will be provided at the same price in today's offerings. Fair for everyone! No matter the geographical location!


When pricing matters and we know you are looking to buy an affordable option that is reliable and fast. So why pay more with other providers? We are confident that you will enjoy our low pricing and excellent service that is fast and reliable at the same time.

We want you to be confident in us too!

30 minuet response time to your support inquiry or we’ll give you a month of service FREE for EACH and every minuet over!

100% network uptime, or we’ll credit you a FREE month of service for every hour.

Receive quarterly benefits just for being with us! It’s our way in giving back to our community!

Installing a control panel? Worried about the installation taking up valuable server resources? You no longer need to worry, we’ll add extra space to your server FREE upon all control panel installations!

We have built a superior network while at the same time offering you the best price. All our packages offer the latest Xeon CPU's, SSD storage, full DDoS protection, latest Linux operating system, control panel options such as cPanel, DirectAdmin, and InterWorx.
Payment Methods
PayPal, Credit Card, Bank Transfer
Available Locations
Colorado Springs, Denver, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Amsterdam and London.
Billing and Guarantee
15 Day money back guarantee on all virtual servers.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What is the setup time?
A: Setup time for Virtual Servers are anywhere between 24-48 hours after payment confirmation and fraud check.

Q: How long have you been in business?
A: AllBayORG, LLC - Since 1998; UnidenHosting.com, LLC - Since 2006

Q: When does the bandwidth reset?
A: Bandwidth is reset on the due date of your server.

Q: What are the limitations to my managed server?
A: 3 tickets per day, no other limitations or restrictions.

Q: Do you allow VPN & proxies on your server?
A: Yes, you we allow VPN & proxies on our servers.

Q: Can I use phone, live chat or ticket to contact support?
A: Yes, all staff members are in-house and 100% UnidenHosting staff. We don’t outsource our support.

If you have any further questions or comments please contact me personally at peter.senkurt[at]unidenhosting.com or reach our global Sales Department at sales[at]unidenhosting.com
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