How to create a website for your business


The best way to drive visitors to your website is to give it a special impression. The website of your business will attract attention from the first look at the products/services that businesses provide, then the other content of the website. However, to get that attention, you need to refer to the 5 steps below.

Step 1: Register your domain name
A domain name is an easy-to-remember name for an address on the internet, for example:, or…It replaces a range of hard to remember numbers (called Internet Protocol numbers ). Domain names can be understood as addresses on the Internet. Registering a domain name is the first thing you need to do, a domain name that asserts the position, makes it easy for customers to find your website, and protects your business brand on the Internet.

Step 2: Buy a web hosting service
Web hosting is a place where servers with Internet services such as ftp, www, etc. can be placed where you can store web content or data in that space. The reason is that you have to rent Web Hosting to contain web content, mail services, ftp, … because those computers always have a fixed address when connecting to the Internet (that is IP address), as well. If you access the internet as usual now through the IPS (Internet Service Provider), the IP address on your computer is always changing, so your computer’s data can not be accessed. Accessible from other machines on the Internet.

Step 3: Design your website
Depending on the size and needs of each individual and business, websites will have different functions and complexities. With a team of experts and developers, rich experience, V & A will help you get the website impressive, effective and economical.

Step 4: Maintain your website
Your website should be updated regularly to ensure its freshness. Through this, customers can see the development of your company.

Step 5: promote your website
For your website to work most effectively, in addition to printing the website address on the company’s business cards, introduced to friends and relatives, you can also advertise on mass media, networks trade, press and electronic sites.

2. How long does it take to build a website?
We will advise you solutions to build the most effective website, in this phase we will conduct your needs and objectives survey about 1 to 3 days. It then builds the interface and main functions of the website. The main content of the website is also determined at this stage.

At the stage of website development, we will proceed to draft the website based on the documents you provide within a week. The interface and content of the website are consistent, we will officially embark on your website. Website will be completed within 1 month.

After completion and acceptance, we will conduct handover and manual so you can manage your site yourself.

3. What are the expenses when building website?
Depending on the needs of website building you can choose our website packages or you can refer to our website building price list for more details. But, in the process of consulting, we also give you the cost that best fits your financial situation.

4. What are the benefits of a business website?
Depending on the business of each business that the website brings different benefits. Here are some important benefits:

Opportunity to promote unlimited 24/7
Your website is a global business transaction office is open 24h/day, 7 days/week and 365 days/year. Anyone can visit your office “anywhere”.

Saving and optimizing
Imagine, instead of sending a catalog of paper or CDROM to customers, you can invite customers to visit your website with more detailed and complete information in the Catalog. You do not pay anyone, everything in your global transaction office is done accurately and completely automatically. The cost of getting a website is so tiny compared to the mountain of expenses you spend promoting your activities with traditional means.

Compete and surpass the competition in a dynamic business environment
By having a website, you are ready to go along with your competitors to conquer the opportunities in the Internet economy. If your website is operated and developed based on the solutions and technology provided by V & A, then we can ensure that you will surpass that of competitors as a purely practical goal.

There are thousands more new customers, satisfying even the most demanding customers
With dynamic internet environment, you can easily change and update information on your website to be ready to meet the requirements of the most difficult customers. And of course, your efforts to provide high quality information will result in you gaining countless potential customers and thousands of customers using your products and services.

Create a picture of a business that is organized scientifically and effectively
By organizing the information on your website towards the interests of customers, customers will easily exploit the information on your website. And when the customer is satisfied, you have built a good image of yourself in the minds and emotions of the customer.

The best means for you to market your products, services and images in a new form.
Indeed, with today’s technology, you can be confident that your website is definitely the best medium for you to do your part in. The most lively and effective way that one single medium can not meet.


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