How to avoid your website going offline


You did everything recommended to create a website without committing a fault but appeared a problem: your site is down or offline. We know that you intend to strengthen the presence of your project online; but with the website offline, you can compromise the image of your business and impair the marketing strategy. Worse still if we are talking about online stores; where every second of downtime means one sale less.

Reasons that can make a website offline
Various factors may interfere with the availability of your site on the internet, from an expired domain, attacks of hackers and even locks of international routes. We have prepared a list of the main factors and the actions that you can take to avoid them.

1. Fault in the programming of the website
If you made your website only, using a tool such as the creator’s sites or any other Manager of content such as WordPress, likely that you have not made any alteration code. However, if you hired a web developer; He probably used some programming language, such as PHP or JavaScript to create your website. In that case, some alterations in source code or a simple bug in the code can leave the site offline. For this reason, it is essential to discuss any possible failures that may result in the unavailability of your website with your web developer.

2. Errors in URL redirection
Have you ever heard of 301 redirects? It is a guide that appears in a particular direction, redirecting the user to the correct address. It is often necessary to alter old links; for this reason, it is essential that the redirect is made with care; because otherwise, your site may be offline. This is not the only type of redirect, check with your developed this may be what causes the unavailability of your website.

3. Failures in the configuration of the hosting website
After choosing your provider of web hosting is needed to do the configuration. If you don’t have much knowledge in the programming of websites is essential disturbances with the help of the team of the company you are hiring. Even at the time of choosing the web hosting for your website, check if there is specific support.

A small fault in the configuration of the hosting website can leave you out of line; then when it comes to setting up your care with the care of factors like compatibility, proper installation of the CMS revises the content transfer, check the themes and plugins. Any error can leave your web site offline. Conversation with the care team of the company over service-compatible versions as well as the scope of the support; i.e., what kind of configuration is the responsibility of the company, and what is yours.

4. Use of the web hosting plan resources
Hiring a web hosting service, you choose a plan. Usually has a capacity of resources processing, memory, disk, link with the internet, among other uses. When it reaches the limit established in the plan, this may be out of line. There are different causes for the excessive use of resources, as for example websites are viral, with a large number of concurrent accesses, plugins in systems of management of content, poorly developed scripts, overuse of FPT activities, Bank of and other data. However, all this can be easily solved talking with a consultant from the web hosting company.

5. Unavailability of the hosting server
Do you know it’s uptime? This is the term used to identify a server uptime. The higher the uptime, it means that the probability of having a website offline is small. Best hosting services tend to ensure 99.9% uptime. I.e., the possibility that a website is offline is just 0.1% in a given period. If you hired a provider that offers this guarantee, it means that, in the worst cases, your website might be out of line for maximum eight hours in one year, which has 8,760 hours in total.