Free Hosting Site vs. Paid Web Site Hosting Services


Web hosting companies on the Internet allow the user to make their website accessible through the World Wide Web. There are a huge number of companies that offer web space on their server to their customers and offer an Internet connection in a common data center. There may be different types of hosting companies.

In the case of free hosting, the user has the right to upload his website to the server at no cost. This type of hosting is ideal for beginners in the Internet space, and plan to familiarize yourself with the creation of web sites and the functionality of web servers. On the other hand, to host your website in a web space, the support provided by the hosting company, you must pay it a regular payment. The amount of compensation may vary depending on the company.

The main source of income for free web hosting services are ads and banners that can be placed on their pages.

The main advantage of using free hosting is that they do not require monetary costs, therefore, they are ideal for new people in business. They are good for people who just want to display the minimum content on the World Wide Web on a small amount of web space. Another advantage of using free web hosting is that most of these companies provide a convenient integrated tool for downloading pages to the hosting. This is the realization that free sites are usually used by newbies.

There are also certain disadvantages of using free web hosting services. When using free web hosting, you are forced to place ads and banner hosting companies on your web pages. In addition, the revenue from the placement of ads goes to the company’s website. In the case of paid web hosting revenue from banners and advertising goes to your wallet. In addition, in some cases, free web hosting, the domain name of your website will start with the website of the hosting company, then the name of the website. This will not happen if you use the services of paid hosting. In this case, you will receive a unique domain for the website. The web space of free web hosting is limited, whereas in the case of paid hosting, you can buy the web space in accordance with your requirements.