7 Ways to Drive Traffic from Social Networks to Your Website


Today’s social networking is becoming a spiritual food with a lot of people, especially with Facebook social networking with over 1 billion people. Therefore, many manufacturers and companies choose social networking is one of the tools to develop and promote their products. If you build a good promotion strategy, the number of people will increase, so the amount of like, share increase and traffic will increase.

However, SEO social networking is not simply posting and sharing to everyone. It is a process, the right SEO strategy to be effective. In this article, seo dayroimedia.com will provide you with ways to increase traffic from social networks.

1. Post periodically
You may notice that new posts often generate traffic from social networks. After a while, new postings may decrease in traffic, but you can save by constantly posting posts related to that topic. Not all of your posts will bring in a tremendous amount of traffic from social networks, but new posts cyclically get traffic from old posts.

Also, choosing the right time to post on social networking sites is also necessary, which can increase the amount of sharing, like as well as the click-through rate. For example, with Facebook the golden time of posting is on weekends. But with Linked in will be the beginning of the week and around the middle of the week. You can refer to the article in the article What is the best time to post to social networks?

2. Social activities
One of the most important things to get from social networks is to become an active user and understand how these pages work. You can simply not reach the desired traffic if you do not use it, but one way to bring traffic to others. People who use social networks only to introduce their posts, the success will also be limited. To avoid this, help others while you post on quality posts.

3. Understand social networking sites
Different social networking sites have a different nature. The content of your post may not be suitable for everyone, but you can know where it is appropriate to post it, where it gets more engagement. You will be able to post your posts in the best places to get the most benefits.

4. Do not try to push on all your creations
Not all of your posts can attract a lot of people from social networks, and that’s right. As you write, if you think you will not be successful, just make yourself feel uncomfortable. You can get better results by posting only the articles that you are reviewing, which is likely to be more successful than others. This can reduce your writing productivity, but pushing up completely unqualified articles will hamper the postings that can bring great success.

5. Push back to old posts
In case you find a social network that you can exploit, you can re-post old posts to this new social network. In times when traffic is not high, posting old posts can bring a small amount of traffic to you.

6. Eat along the topic of success
Analyzing traffic from social networks will help you know which topics are generating great attention. If you catch the emerging trend, you can learn and create content similar to it. The success of its availability can create more success in the future.

You can also create a series of posts related to topics that are becoming trending so that your target audience interacts and wants to see more.

7. Relationship Development
This can be understood simply by doing the same thing for others, for example like helping someone post a post. Similarly, you can create engagement in this interactive interaction, by treating your customers the way you want them to treat you. You need to interact with them in the comment section and answer their questions.


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