5 steps on how to appear on Google


A tip that is essential for those seeking how to appear in Google is to give attention to SEO. Depending on the size of your website and the volume of content, it is worth finding a specialist consultancy in SEO. This professional can analyze the entire structure and the content of your website, the use of keywords, upload speed, among other requirements.

If you have not yet created a website for your business and don’t know where to start, you can use a tool like the Creator of sites, ideal for those who do not have the technical knowledge and do not want to invest much money. In addition to being a friendly and easy to use the platform, it takes into account aspects of SEO, such as titles, descriptions, keywords and other factors which we will explain below.

1. Indicates which pages should not be tracked
It is possible to instruct Google Web pages that may not be interesting to show in the search results, as confidential information. This is a recommended practice to show the algorithm that your website has a page that you want to that they are not found. A practical example is to designate pages of results of the internal search, with this sample that you understand the user experience. After all, no one likes to find something and not to find it.

2. Correctly name the pages of your website
Google or Googlebot, the robot performs the vehicle sites, and the idea is to have the same experience as everyone else. Therefore, when the robot analyzes your website and cannot find the information seeking, understands that the user will also have difficulties and that exhibits your website in the search results. To prevent this from happening, it is appropriately named pages and sections of your website in a clear, objective and accurate. Even it is worth the penalty testing to understand how is the user experience on your website and gather insights from what can be improved.

3. Create summaries on the content of the page
You may not hear of snippet, metatag or “description,” but surely you already know them in practice. When you do a Google search see the results always show a title, a link, and a description. Promoting business in Google is essential. Therefore, the pages of your website or the content need to have a brief description, a sort of overview that describes exactly what contains this page. So it is easier for the algorithm to identify the “match” between who made the question and your website.

4. It has the content hierarchically
Imagine that you are selling a product. To conquer the customer surely you will highlight the main features and differences, talk about values, forms of payment, insurance, warranties, etc. Even without giving your account you’re structuring the information and highlighting the most important thing. Online information should also follow this logic. For this reason, it is essential to structure the content of your website. The recommendation is to use header tags to help the user and the algorithm to understand the information better. However, avoid long, unnecessary and excessive headlines.

5. Use internal and external links
Another essential tip for those seeking answers about how it appears in Google is the use of internal and external links. These are responsible for support and complement the experience of the user, so Google very well sees them. On the other hand, you should also be careful. Never use links that will not be the user anywhere. Have you open a drawer to take an object, you do not find what you are looking for and get half lost passed you? The same happens with the algorithm (and the visitors of your website) when they are redirected to the page offline, errors or of any matter which is not related to.