wordpress plugins

  1. TheCompWiz

    What are Wordpress Plugins and Widgets?

    As I knew, both Widgets and plugins are used to customize our websites for better functions and performance in any cases. Both widgets and plugins, like themes are installed using the WordPress Dashboard. So, what is the difference between them and when should I use a plugin or widget?
  2. Julzwriter

    What Wordpress plugins do you use?

    Which Wordpress plug-ins have you found to be useful?
  3. aceofadsense

    What are your favorite Wordpress Plugins?

    Are you running a blog on Wordpress CMS? What are Your favorite Wordpress Plugins that you would recommend to use for better blogging?
  4. JoeHamilton

    4 Must Have WordPress Plugins

    As you already know, the plugins are one of the most important benefits that WordPress offers its users to improve the performance of blog or adding functions such as email marketing, social media, SEO, traffic, loading speed , design and more... There are some specific plugins that should...
  5. JoeHamilton

    How to choose best wordpress plugins for your blog?

    The first thing I recommend you do is to identify your needs and from there find and select right plugins for your blog. There are some essential plugins that any WordPress blogs needs such as SEO, Contact Form 7, Akismet, the security,..etc. The others choose you based on your design...
  6. Jon Acuff

    Essential wordpress plugins you need for your blog

    There is no limit on the number of plugins you may have installed, although it should be consistent with the choice as more number of plugins, slow and insecure will be your site. Therefore it should have only the plugins you really need and which generate an essential functionality to your...
  7. vaneetagoswami

    Looking for Wordpress plugins

    I am looking for a WordPress plugin through that I trim first 140 character from the post and display it after the post title. Is there any plugin you used before or you tried for the same thing than recommended that plugin name. Also if you know this is easily done from the php without install...
  8. LawyerSEO

    WordPress management question-default plugins with new install

    Got a WordPress management question (assuming there are WordPress experts here in this group): I know it's a good idea to delete the default themes and unused themes once you've chosen to use one, and it's a good idea to remove unused plugins (the Godaddy attack of 2009 or 2010 was an exploit...
  9. Marc0

    Best WordPress Plugins to Use in 2012 ?

    I like wordpress because it has more good plugins for me custom site quickly anyone is wordpress expert pls let me know list of best plugins for wordpress in 2012 ? Thanks