1. Mihai B.

    Update CustomBuild in DirectAdmin to Latest Version?

    Hello, I hope you're all doing well. I have a question regarding DirectAdmin and CustomBuild. I'm currently using CustomBuild in DirectAdmin and I'm wondering if I should update it to the latest version. I'm seeking your advice and experiences on this matter. Have you updated CustomBuild to...
  2. J

    cPanel control panel new version

    Hello, with new cpanel version, cpanel removed subdomain, parked domain and addon domain options and made one section called "domains" but most of clients did not getting that option properly so they are getting confused that option... Is there any way to roll back old version so that...
  3. Paul Wellner Bou

    How to update WHM version

    How can i update WHM to the latest version, do i need to backup server before upgrading?