1. Skynet-Hosting

    Uncovering Risks in Android-Powered PAX POS Devices.

    Even though in managing a hosting company we often deal with electronic transactions, I believe it would be wise to consider that the new technologies being implemented more frequently can introduce certain vulnerabilities in running a business. In a major transition, global banking companies...
  2. OnaDavney

    When do I open a secure transaction?

    I had a seller offering a domain with price $450 and he is suggesting me to open a secure transaction. What is escrow and how does it work? I heard about escrow sometimes but never worked with this site before. I would like to hear your advice and experience. Many thanks!
  3. Terrance

    What is the best way to have lowest PayPal transaction fees?

    I have a website that selling digital products online, I want to have lowest Paypal fees when someone paid me through Paypal to buy a product. My question is, what is the best way to have lowest PayPal fees?