1. mehrdadali14

    Introducing Glass: A New Style For Paper Lantern for Cpanel

    Glass, a clean and elegant take on our classic style, strips away the clutter and leaves only what you need to manage your website. Starting in cPanel & WHM® version 96, Glass is the default style for all new cPanel users. What Inspired Glass? For a product with an incredible amount of depth...
  2. WarrenNeville

    RMM style central single pane control over multiple Windows VPS clusters?

    I am currently running 100+ Windows vps using only a free RDP client. I would like to expand quickly, and need better tools. I have been looking into RMM software like Desktop Central, VSA, Goverlan, etc that show data and alerts for all machines at a glance. Some even include overview modes...
  3. Harry P

    Do servers go out of style?

    I rarely hear about the term "server" stay relevant in web hosting industry or will it be phased out with something else? I am asking because mostly people are using shared and VPS and the rise of cloud hosting is a plus. Standalone servers can become a thing of the past. What do you think on...
  4. RayKeller

    What is your favorite IM video style?

    Hey marketers, Just wondering, what kinds of videos you used to promote things like... - An affiliate offer - Your own product - A CPA offer By the way, what kinds of videos do you prefer? - A real live person on camera? - A simple sales presentation? - A slideshow? - A powerpoint...
  5. Laviskajoermoy

    What do you mean by inline style? How could you define it?

    What is inline style and how can you define inline style? I just want to know all about it, thanks..
  6. Marc0

    CSS Tutorial Sites

    Hi everyone, Learning HTML is not enough to be able to design a professional looking webpages. I know that CSS will help a lot to improve the appearance of my pages. I know a little of it, but I feel I should exert a little more effort on learning it deeper. My question is really simple...
  7. Marc0

    What is external Style Sheet? How to link?

    I am building a Big website that will have many pages and folders. I have 1 style sheet. How do I add the style sheet to "ALL" of these folders? I didnt have this problem before I started to put the pages in SEPARATE folders. Now that each page has its own folder it no longer reads my style...