1. A

    Are those websites selling plesk licenses at 7-9$ per month scam?

    Hi i just saw a few websites that sell plesk license at 7$ is that scam right? whats the best reseller to buy plesk license? thank you
  2. N A Fraud, Scam, Blackmailers. Keep Away from Them!!!

    Hi All, I bought a $69 server from OVH on 24th March and installed a server through their panel. Their panel looked good and how they had a system to install OS from their panel was impressive. After centOS OS installation, I tried to access my server through Putty but I was not even able to...
  3. Developer

    "Scam" Keyword Targeting... Do? or Don't?

    I'm curious to know how many of you use, or even condone, the use of "SCAM" related keyword targeting within either your own affiliate promotions or promotions by your affiliates... Me, personally, I am against anything of the sort. The LAST thing I want is for my name, or the name of my...
  4. Anna

    What are the difference between Spam and Scam Phishing?

    These both terms refer to e-mail but there is small difference between Spam and Scam Phishing. Both involve people into buying some products or using some service and both bring harm and inconvenience to users. How do you deal with them and have anybody ever experienced spam or scam?
  5. Dmoz

    How to know if a website is a scam?

    Hello, Can you show me Signs How to tell if a website is a scam? To do online business, we need to know more things to avoid scam like waste of time and money or even we can lose money if we didn't a website is scam. please share any your thoughts Thank you