1. Ola

    Hello Everyone

    Hello everyone, here comes your rookie 'Ola'
  2. W

    What do people think of this in terms of navigation?

    Hi all, I would love to hear peoples feedback in regards to this website. I am doing some work on it for the client and I am wondering if people find it easy to navigate through pages etc and find the services. Feedback greatly appreciated.
  3. arronmattwills

    How to remove empty navigation or paragraph tags using css code.

    While i am working on a wordpress website i am getting some unnecessary empty tags. I tried to remove them, but they are not appearing in post html code. So i have tried a lot finally i found a simple code to remove those empty tags such as navigation and paragraphs from html code just by...
  4. Starfire

    How to Design the Best Navigation Menu

    A good navigation menu not only ensures that site visitors can easily walk through a website going but also ensures that a website can be used by search engines. Indexed A good navigation structure satisfies a number of factors that a web designer should take when designing and developing a...
  5. Marc0

    Dropdown Menu Using Javascript

    Hi everyone, Every good web site contains good navigation for the visitors. This is the part that I'll be requesting some precious knowledge from you. I want to create a nice one level drop-down menu using javascript as a language of choice. To those who are knowledgeable in this language...