1. Kaz Wolfe

    Where to check Mail server logs?

    I am having a small issue with email server on my hosting control panel, the email could not be sent to targeted email as expected, I doubt there is an error in email server. I want to check Mail server logs to find and fix the problem. Where to check Mail server logs?
  2. Kaz Wolfe

    Important logs in DirectAdmin you need to know

    The job of a system administrator requires them always to control and understand the status of server operations. Any server changes or changes will be saved to check when needed. Therefore, if you do not know the log position of the services, you will be very embarrassed when encountering an...
  3. S

    New help in fixing 500 internet server error ( error logs provided )

    Hi guys, i just noticed all my domains is showing error on apache, except for my main site which is running on nginx. this is the error log : how can i fix this using just ssh root access ? i am using putty to ssh access Thank you in advance !
  4. David Beroff

    How to enable slow queries logs in MariaDB?

    I changed to MariaDB ver 10.1.22 and using it on my website. I want to know on how to enable slow queries logs in MariaDB? Is it the same as Mysql slow query log?
  5. David Beroff

    Where can I find CSF logs?

    I have installed CSF on my VPS hosting and there are some people contacted me they could not access my site like they were blocked by my firewall, I want to find out the problem from log files of CSF, where can I find it and how solve this problem?
  6. Moebuntu

    How to analyze web server logs

    I am new to hosting sysadmin and web system analytis, my website is running as well but i feel its having problems with codes or server configs. I want to know how to analyze web server logs to fix problems for my web hosting and web systems. Can anyone share me any tips?
  7. Liliana

    How do I turn on error logs in Drupal?

    Hello, I am getting more error messages from some pages on my site. The occurrences vary. Sometimes it will give an error and sometimes not. The normal error is '500 internal server error' I don't know why it happened this I would like to debug this and solve this or finding the cause...