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  1. ahirehost

    How To Find The Real IP Address Of A Website Behind CloudFlare

    How To Find The Real IP Address Of A Website Behind CloudFlare?
  2. Maxoq

    Ways to hide IP address of my web hosting server?

    I want to hide IP address of my web hosting server? I used Cloudflare for my websites but when I check tutorials on the internet, they are still having ways to reveal real IP from a website. My question is, is there a way to hide IP address that tools can not find out?
  3. djsmiley2k

    Perfect IP Address?

    What is a Perfect IP? Does it need to be hosted in country that your website is putting on? or we should choose an IP address depending on where the audience we are targeting to? finally it should be a IPv4 address to be a Perfect IP?
  4. Harry P

    Buy IP Address?

    Where can I buy many IP addresses with good prices? Can i buy from providers that not are my web hosting providers and if yes then I can integrate IP addresses for my websites?
  5. Carlos

    Getting ip address with PHP

    Hello, I'm trying to get my ip with: $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']; The thing is that i'm getting a different address with php than from websites like myip.com I've read that there is no 100% reliable way to get an ip address, but what would be my best option using only php? Thanks. :)
  6. H

    What is the difference between dedicated IP address and Dedicated Server?

    We always talk about dedicated IP address and dedicated server but what is the difference between both of them.
  7. JoeTaxpayer

    How to stop my website directly running from my IP address?

    I bought an IP address and assigned it to my website on my hosting server. The website is running based on this new IP but the problem is when I type my IP address on web browser then it is pointing to my website. I only want to visit my website from my domain, not from IP address. How can I...
  8. Harry P

    How to point a subdomain to an IP address?

    My domain is being hosted on an IP address and I want to pint point a subdomain to another ip address on a same host or different hosting. Is it possible and how can I do this?
  9. timothykiko

    How to find all websites hosted on an IP address?

    If I have an IP address from a website or a web host, how can I do a lookup on the IP and find all domain names configured or pointing to it? For example, I have several web and email domains hooked to my server. How can I find all domains that point to it? Is it even possible?
  10. wpspeedster

    Get Hostname from IP address?

    Can I find the hostname of any web hosting companies or websites when knowing their IP address? Is there a way that using a command line tool which gets an IP address and returns the host name, for Linux or Windows?
  11. TheCompWiz

    How would you get MySQL access from a remote IP address?

    I am trying to set up MySQL access for a remote IP. I have to grante mysql user all privileges for database in cPanel and I have set up to be allowed access for that IP in WHM and cPanel remote access? For some reason its not connecting at all. Any help with detailed steps?
  12. Mujkanovic

    Using IPv6 IP address on your Linux VPS?

    I got a new Linux server with CentOS 6. my hosting provider is offering IPv6 IP address but I don't know how to use it or integrated it into my VPS hosting. How can I setup IPv6 IP address for my Linux hosting or control panel?
  13. Cheerag Nundlall

    How to find all websites hosting on an IP address?

    I could not how many websites are hosting on a same IP, do you know any tools or way(s) to find out how many websites are hosting on an IP address, i would know this to check any shared hosting package on the forum.
  14. denvercardonations

    Dedicated IP address and SEO value?

    The webhost I am moving to claims the following for $30 a year: Get all the benefits from having a dedicated IP! Having a dedicated IP for each website is considered by some experts as an advantage for search engine optimization. There is a common belief that sites with dedicated IP...
  15. Jovani

    Can I change main IP Address on my VPS?

    Hi there, I'm facing Ddos problem and some other problems for recent days now on my server IP and therefore I wanted to change to a new IP address instead for the main server ip. Is it possible? and what things do I need to consider before changing?
  16. RobertClive

    IP Address of Multiple sites

    Hi Is there a hassle-free method of changing the IP Address of multiple websites?