1. SenseiSteve

    Ryzen 5600, 5900X, 5950X, Intel i9-12700k, 12900k, AMD EPYC & More, Starting at $99/Month

    If your end goal is superior computing power, look no further than our “Summer Server Sale on Ryzen and Intel. “We’re at the leading, bleeding edge of technology when it comes to enhanced processors and pricing. This promotion won’t last forever. As always, though, once you procure a server...
  2. AlbaHost

    Intel cpus vulnerable again, and critical. UPDATE ASAP!

    Hello Everyone, I thought this might help someone with INTEL processors to stay safe, update your system as soon as possible:
  3. ITivan80

    Your Storage, Your Choice Deals - E5-1650 for $180 from Colocation America 2019-04-09

    We are bringing back our popular "Your Storage, Your Choice" deals! You get to choose from three different hard drives for the same great price. However, it's only good for ONE WEEK (just sayin'). Your Storage, Your Choice Deal – E5-1650 V3 (Click for product page) CPU: E5-1650 v4 RAM: 64GB...