1. satopeng4

    Is there any Graphics designing tool that can be use to render Sea Floor Maps in 3D and 2D?

    We are planning to develop a software that will provide graphical representation of the seabed when given the appropriate charts and data collected. The problem is that we don't know what tools is suitable for rendering graphical map representations for sea floor maps. The goal is to produce a...
  2. Casiox

    How to survive as a Graphics Designer?

    I don't really know if it has happened to you, but when I first started learning edition and whatnot, I thought that it could be easy to make a living from it, but after a couple of years and some experience, I've realized that chances are close to 1%. The internet is full of GFX designers, so...
  3. melvster

    What is the best site to get clients if you are a Graphics Designer?

    I am a freelancer in Graphics Designs & a Corporate Identity Creator. I can make Logos, Banners, Posters. And I would like to get clients but there are to many competitors for me to get picked. Do you have any suggestions!:help:
  4. Moneyman

    What kinds of graphics are the most famous nowadays?

    I started doing internet marketing and contributed in various forums in 2012 and upto 2015. Before I stopped doing this for a long time, there was a hype, a trend for flat/retro themes on websites, and the same goes with graphics. I don't know if anyone would remember this, but many forums that...
  5. Cheerag Nundlall

    VPS with graphics card?

    Is there any company that providing VPS with graphics card? I have a site with a lot of photos and I think that a VPS with graphics card will help load/render the pictures faster.
  6. Hassan

    Need Help With Graphics

    Hello, Anyone here good with graphics pm me i have some work to do thank you.
  7. edsonbuchanan

    How To Make Graphics For FaceBook, Instagram, and More...

    I'm always looking for ways to create professional looking graphics fast and when its free; even better. I came across this website that allows you to make great looking graphics and I personally think its better than adobe as its easy to learn how to use. I recommend...
  8. Marc0

    Tips for designing an effective web banner

    Hello people, When you open a webpage, it's almost always the banner that gets your attention first. Since this is the case, we all have to agree that banners are essential part of a webpage. They give the first impression to the visitors. So designing banners has to be taken a little more...
  9. Marc0

    Best graphic editing tool for you

    Greetings to all, You may all agree when I say that graphics has become an essential part of any media applications today. And if so, it must also be agreeable to note that graphic editing software is an important tool, which should always be present in every graphic designers toolbox. Among...
  10. Andre

    What are the advantages of Vector Graphics?

    Hello, I learn abit about Corel draw 13 and I made some good vector graphics. in your opinion, What are the advantages of Vector Graphics? Thanks