1. Fusion Arc Hosting

    How Many of you hosting companies get click fraud on Google?

    Hello, I am curious to see if other web hosting companies have seen a spike recently on click fraud while advertising on google? We have seen so much that we had to deploy an anti click fraud system along our credit card fraud detection system. Thanks
  2. N A Fraud, Scam, Blackmailers. Keep Away from Them!!!

    Hi All, I bought a $69 server from OVH on 24th March and installed a server through their panel. Their panel looked good and how they had a system to install OS from their panel was impressive. After centOS OS installation, I tried to access my server through Putty but I was not even able to...
  3. energizedit

    Online Fraud Prevention Integration

    Do you use any Online Fraud Prevention like MaxMind in your ordering process? Is it worth the cost? Or do you just manually check each order?
  4. clickbrainiacs

    PPC Click Fraud Detector

    clickbrainiacs submitted a new resource: PPC Click Fraud Detector - PPC Click Fraud Detector Read more about this resource...
  5. G

    How to recognize SEO fraud companies?

    Hey guys, How do I recognize fraud companies before collaborating with them? - It might be a stupid question but still... Are there any clues? Thanks in advance.