1. C

    enom email

    Anyone using/reselling the enom email service? I am looking for a cheap/basic email solution, as its not viable to use the cpanel email that my hosting provider offers, as I ony give 10GB with each acocunt, as this is plenty for a website, but email eats up the customers disk quota too easily...
  2. Kaz Wolfe

    Is Enom changing price?

    I have several domains at Namecheap and I saw my renewal price for my domains are increasing, I asked Namecheap and they told me that, I should contact Uniregistry and after that, they said, they can discuss with Enom to make right things on my renewal price. Is Enom changing price? how to check...
  3. energizedit

    A new chapter for eNom

    Just received notification that Tucows has bought Enom. http://www.enom.com/blog/a-new-chapter-for-enom/ This is pretty big news. Anyone have any opinions on Tucows and how they are with their domain name service?
  4. Dopani

    Enom vs Resellerclub

    Hi, are you having a genuine WHMCS License? Which domain reseller would you go with: Enom or resellerclub? Which one would you choose and why ?
  5. lkovnih226

    Enom vs godaddy?

    I am hosting some domains with Godaddy but I was recommended to Enom by a friend. I think Enom is great but it's too expensive. Godaddy service is better? Any advice please? Thanks in advance.
  6. ElixantTechnology

    Elixant Technology :: Premium Reseller :: CloudLinux :: WHMCS/ClientExec

    ElixantTechnology submitted a new resource: Elixant Technology :: Premium Reseller :: CloudLinux :: WHMCS/ClientExec - Elixant Technology :: Premium Reseller :: CloudLinux :: WHMCS/ClientExec Read more about this resource...