dedicated server

  1. djsmiley2k

    What is a bare-metal dedicated server?

    Can you tell me what is a bare-metal dedicated server? is it different from a normal dedicated server?
  2. BillEssley

    VPS 16GB of RAM or Dedicated server 16GB of RAM?

    I am using a hosting 8GB RAM and sometimes it was overloaded hence I am searching for a new hosting provider with 16GB of RAM and CPU 4 cores, but I am confusing between a VPS 16GB of RAM or Dedicated server 16GB of RAM with same price. Which one is better? VPS 16GB of RAM or Dedicated server...
  3. Mihai B.

    Can I use a Game dedicated Server for websites?

    I checked this offer below, its price is good but I don't know if I can use this game server to setup and run for my websites? GAME-1 Intel i7-4790K 4c / 8t - 4GHz 16GB DDR3 1333MHz 1x120 GB SSD $41.99
  4. David Beroff

    Should I buy dedicated server at Soyoustart or Kimsufi?

    I am checking dedicated server on both Soyoustart and Kimsufi with the budget $22 or $24/ monthly. But I am confusing should Should I buy dedicated server at Soyoustart or Kimsufi? which one is better? which one has ddos protection?
  5. john-mth

    Dedicated servers with cheap rate?

    Hello, Is there any dedicated server provider who provides fully managed service in cheap rate?
  6. M

    GloboTech | Reliable Canadian Dedicated Servers | 20 years in business! From 59$ per month! 1.0

    GloboTech Communications offers premium hosting services. GloboTech Dedicated Servers deliver High Performance, Security, Stability and Control for your most Intensive Platform. Customize your Dedicated Server Now! Backed by one of the best SLA in the industry: 100% Power & Network Uptime...
  7. Rosalie08

    What will you do to use 10Gpbs dedicated server?

    What will you do if you own a dedicated server as below? 2xE5520 16GB 4× 240 GB Unmetered/10G 1IP
  8. Rosalie08

    what difference between vps, cloud server and dedicated server?

    what difference between vps, cloud server and dedicated server? what's features of it?
  9. hostnamaste

    CentOS 8 is Finally Here! Deploy it On VPS, Budget Dedicated Server or Bare-metal Dedicated Server Today!

    We are excited to announce the release of CentOS 8, and of the new RHEL upstream, CentOS Streams. Details can be found on the CentOS-Announce mailing list. Finally, CentOS 8 has been released on 24-09-2019. It is a free and open-source Linux distribution and community version of RHEL 8 with...
  10. Marcus_SM

    Freedom of Speech Hosting - Uncensored Dedicated Servers in Switzerland 2019-08-03

    Share Your Ideas, Not Privacy Trends showcase that oppressive regimes throughout the world constantly censor the internet activity of citizens, while also exercising their control on the press. This leads to constant misinformation, alongside the inability of citizens to learn more about what’s...
  11. Mujkanovic

    Which VPS or Dedicated server to choose for the budget $100/mo?

    Can you recommend any hosting providers that for a fast hosting with $100/ month, including cPanel licence. I think the budget only is $80 because I will spend $20 for installing cPanel licence. what are your suggestions? I will look for a managed hosting provider.
  12. Marcus_SM

    Dedicated Servers in Switzerland - BItcoin accepted 2019-05-23

    CoinsHOST is a team of Swiss-based cryptocurrency enthusiasts and web hosting professionals who focus on providing secure and private services for decentralized currencies economy and environment. We've been in business for over 6 years and are proud to host and protect against DDoS attacks some...
  13. P

    Where i can get best and Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting plans for large project?

    Anybody can suggest me one of the best Dedicated Server Hosting providers for my project?
  14. ITivan80

    Your Storage, Your Choice Deals - E5-1650 for $180 from Colocation America 2019-04-09

    We are bringing back our popular "Your Storage, Your Choice" deals! You get to choose from three different hard drives for the same great price. However, it's only good for ONE WEEK (just sayin'). Your Storage, Your Choice Deal – E5-1650 V3 (Click for product page) CPU: E5-1650 v4 RAM: 64GB...
  15. Edward

    i7,i9,E3,Ryzen and other dedicated servers. Best deals. Payment USD, BTC - ABCD.HOST

    Edward submitted a new product: i7,E3,AMD EPYC cheap dedicated servers - Powerful and inexpensive dedicated servers in Europe and America. Installing Linux and Windows. Read more about this product...
  16. Edward

    i7,i9,E3,Ryzen and other dedicated servers. Best deals. Payment USD, BTC - ABCD.HOST 2019-04-05

    All dedicated servers in the price list
  17. HostColor

    Do you check provider's network before purchasing a Dedicated Server?

    Hi guys, I'm curious what would be the behavioral model of those who need to get a Dedicated server? Do you guys decide based on the price or you also check the provider's network and ask questions about its data center, Internet connectivity, etc.?
  18. Dr. McKay

    Dedicated server from $30/month?

    Does any hosting providers offering Dedicated server services start from $30/month? US or Asia location? I checked OVH but they started with $59/mo and only HDD. I need SSD too.
  19. S

    Dedicated server with ddos Protection required

    Hello I need a dedicated server in Miami Need a DDos Protection 5gb+ Budget : 300 usd Xeon E3 1230 or Atom 2gb memory+ What are your suggestions?
  20. Marcus_SM

    Swiss Dedicated Server Hosting from $108 per month 2019-02-25

    Switzerland is perfectly located right in the center of Europe and is bordered by three of its largest market economies. Our country is renowned for its long lasting stability, political independence, neutrality, highly educated workforce and top freedom of speech rankings. All these advantages...